Why you should tip Bloggers for their work

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Why you should tip online creators for their work

Unlike major publications. Many Bloggers receive little to no recognition for their authentic. Independent work ethic.

Buy me a coffee
Most bloggers like myself aren't on a payroll like journalists. Neither are we millionaires from sponsorship deals or affiliate ads. Unlike hired writers. We don't get paid a flat hourly rate, for all our blogging time and efforts. 

I now blog full time and update www.gonesunwhere.com with original. New content almost daily. All without a team that I work with. 

Plus, I'm a busy mum with a young child and an older. Disabled child to take care of. I blog and conceptualise new content in the moments I get to sneak off and work undisturbed.

For those that think full time blogging is easy and always fun. Or not a real job. Think again! 

I independently market all my own work. Review products and services. Edit articles and images. Negotiate with businesses via phone. Email and in person meetings. Perform independent research and so on. 

I knew it would be hard work and I'm not complaining. As I actually love what I do. However. Up until recently. There has never been an easy. Non cringey way to ask for. Or receive monetary support from my readers. 

The digital tipping system called "buy me a coffee" is a Godsend! It has the power to encourage bloggers and other digital creatives to continue to produce more content. Especially when rent is overdue. Or we feel discouraged. We're tired. Unwell or experiencing burnout! 

If you're a blogger or online content creator you can sign up to receive monetary gifts from your viewers at the following link buymeacoffee.com

It's actually harder to be self employed. To believe in yourself and turn up to work even though there's no threat of losing your job! 

I love buy me a coffee. As anyone who sees the value in my online work no longer has an excuse to not tip me for my efforts! 

You can now quickly and anonymously send monetary gifts. Especially to smaller. Online content creators. Who often provide their inspiring and useful content for free. 

There are also options for us Bloggers and creatives to set up a subscription. For providing extra content. Or answering questions and taking part in hangouts with supporters. Something I may consider in the future. 

Just like you might tip somebody in person for providing excellent service or entertainment. It's rude not to do the same for valuable online service providers. 

A lot of the time when I see really inspiring. Informative or entertaining online content. There isn't an easy solution for showing my appreciation. 

The difference between buy me a coffee and other competitors. Is the fact that supporters don't have to sign up to yet another network. 

You can just use Google pay or another simple. Card payment system to quickly and securely send money to your favourite Bloggers and creators and there's no time like the present..

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