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Hotel Chocolate Review

Hotel chocolat. That's Chocolat without an "e". Is a popular chocolatier with chains across London and even a school of chocolate for chocolate loving, aspiring hotel chocolat artisans. 

I visited the Covent Garden branch of hotel chocolat in London. Situated in the bustling square of Covent Garden. 

Where live music can be heard, and crowds can be seen enjoying free street performances. Filling their stomachs and shopping for wares.

Hotel chocolat hot chocolate
Hotel chocolat - hot chocolate with whipped cream

Hotel Chocolat, Covent Garden has a cafe in the basement of their chocolate shop. It's a small, casual seating area with stools and a sofa against a wall. 

I wouldn't recommend this hotel chocolat cafe for sitting down to study or do some work.

I tried the hot mint chocolate drink and a limited edition hot chocolate, which contained orange, cinnamon and molasses. With a chocolate whipped cream topping and almond shavings.

Hotel Chocolat hot chocolates could have been a little bit warmer. The mint hot chocolate was quite nice, but I don't feel compelled to go back for another cup.

What's really cool about the hot chocolate
at hotel chocolate, is that you can choose from a variety of chocolate strengths. Feeling brave and fancy 100% pure dark chocolate? Go right ahead! 

Or maybe you'd prefer 85% dark chocolate. The more common milk chocolate at 50% cocoa consistency, or an even milkier hot chocolate. 

There's also an option for vegan hot chocolates at hotel chocolat Covent Garden cafe. Using plant based milk instead of dairy. 

You can also choose to add chocolate whipped cream for an extra cost.

I tried a ten second dunking biscuit with my hot chocolate. It's a decent sized biscuit. 

Long and chunky. Perfect when dunked. I literally timed the ten seconds. My biscuit lived up to it's promise and didn't fall apart. 

It was a delicious biscuit. The perfect hot drink companion. I recommend picking one or two of the dunking biscuits up on your visit to hotel chocolat. Or buy online at

The flavours at hotel chocolat are pretty impressive. With milk. Dark. Chilli. Mint. Hazelnut chocolate. Salted caramel and vanilla white hot chocolate options.

All hot chocolates can alternatively be iced. There are also chocolate coffee lattes and chocolate infused teas on offer at cafe hotel chocolat.

Service received at hotel chocolat was just ok. There was a slight smile from two staff members on entering. My main server at the till was a bit impersonal and rushed. 

It would have been nice to have been told that hot chocolate doesn't come with a chocolate whipped cream topping by default.
I was unaware of this and less than impressed when my plain looking mint hot chocolate arrived.

Hotel chocolat covent garden cafe review
Hotel chocolat ten second biscuit dunking challenge

I recommend hotel chocolat for gift purchases and picking up some yummy chocolate treats. 

There are some hits and some misses when it comes to the hotel chocolat chocolate selection. The Covent Gardren cafe at hotel chocolat isn't anything special. Just a casual pit stop if you fancy a beverage.

As impressive as it all sounds. Sadly, I was unimpressed by the hot chocolate at hotel chocolat.

However, my overall review of hotel chocolate is positive. Hotel Chocolat has such a huge range of chocolate products. There are chocolate infused beauty products.

Fragrances. Tonnes of edible chocolate treats and special chocolate themed events. The hotel chocolate loyalty scheme is excellent too. 

It takes a few seconds to sign up and you get 15% off your first in store or online purchase. Plus a gift on your birthday.

I took home some hotel chocolat treats. How could I possibly leave without chocolate! You must try hotel chocolat passion fruit and white chocolate bar. Also the milk and cookies hotel chocolat bar is deliciously addictive.

Updating in 2022. I was once again gifted by the generous people at hotel chocolat for my birthday. I received £5 to spend online or in store. No strings attached.

I used my birthday gift to purchase a mini chocolate vodka and cream liqueur drink. Plus some chocolate and caramel buttons.

The caramel milk chocolate drops are delicious. Melt in the mouth. Shareable treats. As is the velvetised chocolate cream. Alcoholic drink. I personally find that the drink tastes very similar to bailey's. 

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This is a review of hotel chocolat. Covent Garden branch. London. Hotel chocolat is a chocolate company with cafe's shops and a school in London. Snacks, ice cream and beverages are on the cafe menu at hotel chocolat covent garden. All information was correct at the time of listing. Hotel chocolat covent garden is described online as "Upmarket chocolatier chain with its own Saint Lucia cocoa plantation. Some branches have cafes."  The photos of food in this blog post which were taken at hotel chocolat. covent garden London. Along with any text and personal opinions about hotel chocolat are copywritten by said owner of The photographs and text on this blog must not be copied. Distributed. Sold or printed without prior written consent of this blog owner. Contact this site owner for more details.

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