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Alcohol delivery services worth signing up for

Wine 52

Wine 52 is the sibling company of beer 52. It's a wine subscription service that is very affordable for what you receive. At the time of signing up. My first delivery was virtually free. As I only had to pay the delivery charge! 

Wine subscription

In my subscription I received three different bottles of wine from Hungary. 

Each month. You'll receive three bottles of wine from a different part of the world. Along with some different snacks and a magazine. 

Glug magazine is unique to the wine 52 delivery company. With a new edition coming out monthly to line up with each new wine delivery. 

Glug magazine features information about the country your wine is from. Details of the wine itself. As well as the wineries and vineyards across the country or region. 

In my first delivery I received 1 red wine called Kalamajka. A light red. Less full bodied than my usual malbec red wine of choice. With a nice light spiciness to it. 

My wine subscription from wine 52 also included a bottle of Irsai Oliver. A white wine from the Kunsag region of Hungary. 

The third wine in my first months wine subscription was my favourite of the three. A white wine called Kalja. 
The included snacks are an added bonus and all tasted delicious. 

Beer of the month

With the wine 52 subscription you can always pause your subscription or extend your monthly delivery to every two months instead. 

Beer 52

More of a beer drinker? The beer 52 subscription works exactly the same way as wine 52. Although you receive a different monthly magazine all about beer called ferment. 

This magazine is also unique to the beer subscription company. Detailing the location your beers came from. 

My first beer subscription arrived at the same time as my wine and included 8 individual cans of beer from Scotland. Plus some tasty snacks. 

My very first beer order was free and so will my third delivery be. So it's probably the most affordable and rewarding beer subscription service on the market. 

I love the fact you can choose to go for a mixture of light and dark beers or just light beer only. 

You get points for things like reviewing your items to spend on more beer. I even received 8 free beer subscriptions to give away to loved ones. 

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