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Tea and tonic luxury wellness Review

I love a good cup of tea. Better still if it contains natural ingredients beneficial to my health.

Tea tonic
Tea and tonic are a wellness brand that have this covered. With five fragrant. Health boosting teas. Infused with natural ingredients. All found to have a positive effect on physical and mental wellbeing. 

Tea and tonics range of products are made using only the finest quality herbs. With ethical and sustainable practices to help care for our planet. 

Earl grey is already one of my favourite types of tea. With tea and tonic having created their own brand. Infused with adaptogenic herbs. It's earl Grey with added. Much needed benefits. 

The tea and tonic golden milk wellness tea is a bedtime drink that smells amazing. It's a delicious blend. Packed full of ingredients. 

Infused with turmeric. Known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Rooibos, which has a calming effect. Cinnamon and ashwagandha, the anti-stress herb. Plus black peppercorns and gotu kola. Which is beneficial to brain and nerve function. 

Golden milk also includes oat flowering tops. Lavender. Linden blossom and vanilla. It tastes good with or without milk. However I preferred mine with milk for a creamy taste experience before bed.

I tried the golden milk wellness tea on a particularly stressful night. Yet it ensured that I was still able to have a peaceful nights sleep. 

The English breakfast tea is a mixture of Indian and Kenyan black teas. With superherbs ashwagandha and schisandra berries. Plus rosemary. A flavoursome herb that can improve memory function. 

Tea and tonic also sell skincare and personal hygiene products. Available at www.teaandtonic.co.uk

I was intrigued by their bath and shower oils. With two available. The high spirits blend. For feelings of invigoration and the inviting sleep bath and shower oil. For winding down at the end of the day. 

I received the high spirits bath and shower oil, which smells wonderful. Fortified with adaptogen herbs like ginseng and holy basil. This shower oil is designed to give you energy and mental clarity. 

It's the perfect companion to the English breakfast. Earl Grey and white mint teas. 

High spirits bath and shower oil is a non foaming product. So I recommend adding some drops to a pure. Fragrance free liquid castile soap. This will give you a Fragrant. Energy boosting. Mind clearing shower gel. With the added moisture of pure. Essential oils and nutrient rich plant oils. 

The high spirits bath and shower oil gives a refreshing. Tingling sensation to the skin. 

There's also a highly rated muscle tonic relief balm. That's perfect for alleviating muscle tension and soreness. Whilst providing the moisture that skin needs. 

The ginger turmeric wellness tea is flavoursome and caffeine free. Suitable to enjoy any time of day. It includes added superherbs ashwagandha and gotu kola amongst its ingredients. 

High spirits is a green tea mixed with white tea. Liquorice. Gotu kola. Eucalyptus and peppermint. 

As with all teas made by tea and tonic. It's designed to help balance stress and support a healthy immune system. 

As a sufferer of adrenal fatigue. I need a lot of help managing stress and find that i'm a lot more relaxed and focused drinking the teas and using products from tea & tonic. 

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