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Pinch Ukrainian Vodka bar review

Pinch is a brand new bar in Fitzrovia London. With a focus on Ukrainian vodka infused drinks.

Pinch bar

The Cocktail menu at pinch is cleverly separated into five sections. Which makes it easier for people like me. Who tend to suffer from cocktail menu overwhelm! 

At Pinch, you'll know exactly what type of taste to expect from your chosen drinks. With bubbly. Refreshing. Foamy. Boozy and Spicy beverages.

Tapas bar

There's also a Mocktails section and a food menu. Featuring a delicious variety of small tapas plates and bar snacks. Or a navlika sharing platter

To drink, I enjoyed The fitz. Which was my favourite drink of the night. The perfect combination of sweet and sour. Topped off with a toasted marshmallow. 

Strawberry cheesecake was a close second. Complete with biscuit crumbs this drink tasted like the really delicious pudding it was named after.
Sweet cocktails

All cocktails are well made but the pearl from the Boozy section was far too strong for my tastebuds. Whilst the W1 cocktail was much more up my street. Slightly spicy. With a sweet. Intense lemon, lemon peel flavour. 
From the small plates food menu I enjoyed the Halloumi fries. Potato fries. Mac n cheese and chicken tender strips 

Each dish was mouthwatering. Arriving hot. With delicious parmesan shavings. Well presented and with only the freshest ingredients. 

I love the bar itself. Looking around at the surroundings it's a stylish venue. With cheeky monkeys as wall lamps and warm, attentive staff. 

Enjoy happy hour at pinch each and every evening. With 50% off signature cocktails between 5pm - 7pm.

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