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Review of 'do not age' - an online health store

I recently discovered British based health and nutrition brand do not age. I love my blue light blocking glasses from do not age. They're an item I've been meaning to purchase for a while now. 

The glasses are suprisingly comfortable to wear in the evening. With a really lightweight feel. Whilst still being sturdy. 

Do not age
Glasses usually feel heavy on my face and begin to cause pressure beside my ears. So I'm happy that these blue light blocking glasses are so easy to wear. 

I don't feel a need to take them off prematurely due to discomfort. They're probably the first glasses I own that I could fall asleep in! 

Blocking out the harmful effects of blue light is so important. Especially if you're a person that struggles with sleep disruption. Like insomnia or dreaded s.a.d disorder. 

A common problem for those living in the Northern hemisphere. Seasonal affective disorder (s.a.d) due to a lack of daylight and vitamin D. Can cause depression. Anxiety and throw the body's natural circadian rhythm off. 

Blue light blocking glasses increase the body’s natural sleep triggering hormone (melatonin) by an impressive 58%. 

Plus. They reduce eye strain and eye discomfort. Which is a common side effect of staring at screens all day long. 

The amazing high quality supplements available from do not age include nutritional ingredients I've not seen anywhere else. All expertly blended to genuinely improve health and longevity. 

It can be hard to know which company to buy your supplements from. As some products on the market are disingenuous. Using poor quality ingredients. Binders and fillers. 

This is not a concern when buying from do not age. As they have scientific documents to back up the impressive anti ageing claims of many of their nutrients. Meaning you can buy from do not age with confidence. 

There are a selection of powders as well as vegan friendly pills to choose from. 

I love the black and white packaging of the brand. With a dna strand and straight to the point company name. 

As well as supplements. Do not age also sell a biological age test kit. Thanks to Epigenetic analysis. We can now determine how old our body truly is. Giving us a much more accurate picture of our overall health. 

If you're unsure exactly which supplements your body would benefit from. I recommend starting out with the NAD test kit by do not age. 

It's an easy to use. At home intracellular NAD test. Using the latest technology. You can also get a personalised supplement recommendation after your test. Via one of the do not age specialists.

I'm currently supplementing with the do not age NMN pills. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is proven to raise NAD+ levels in humans. 

Anti-ageing Hyaluronic acid pills and TMG - also known as betaine is used as a methyl donor for the human body. It reduces inflammation. Boosts exercise performance and protects vital organs such as the liver and the heart.

The pills are easy to swallow. With no horrible after taste. Included in my order was a card that tells me the benefit of each supplement. As well as the best time of day to take all the supplements available from do not age.

It's a useful addition. As I can sometimes get overwhelmed when trying to remember what supplements I need to take each day and when. 

In an ideal world. One complete multivitamin would exist, but this is not realistic. Did you know that certain vitamins and minerals can compete for absorption in our bodies? 

This is why it's important to take the correct dose at the optimum time.

The beauty community loves hyaluronic acid for it's skin plumping and anti-wrinkle effects. However. Many people are unaware that the best way to take hyaluronic acid is internally. In a high molecular weight form.

Hyaluronic acid in low molecular weight size can cause inflammation. Whereas high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. As sold by do not age. Has been shown to have anti-cancer forming properties and a wealth of other benefits. 

Including protection against a number of respiratory diseases. Assisting with weight loss. Hyaluronic acid has been found to be beneficial for brain function. Bone strength

Easing incontinence and bladder problems. Treat wounds and assisting with healing. It can also encourage the production of more collagen in the body. And as we age our natural collagen production greatly decreases.

I will also be supplementing on quercetin during the spring and summer seasons. As this has been my natural hay-fever remedy for the past few years. Over the counter hay-fever and allergy relief can cause drowsiness and a host of other problems.

All of the supplements sold at do not age are designed to compliment each other on boosting natural production of the  utroents found naturally occuring in the body. 

Quercetin increases the effectiveness of resveratrol by 50%. While TMG taken alongside NMN makes sure that NMN is not wasted.

The natural. Non addictive sleep supplement available at do not age is another beneficial supplement to use alongside blue light blocking glasses.

Melatonin production. Responsible for our tiredness or lack thereof. Is another hormone that decreases within our bodies as we age. However, supplementing long term directly with melatonin can prevent your body from creating it’s own melatonin. So sure sleep pills are a great solution to this dilemma.

Sleep is one of the best things we can do for all round health and youthfulness.

For anyone with health issues concerning diabetes. Weight and cholesterol. Berberine is a powerful AMPK activator that helps to regulate insulin levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Berberine is available in the perfect dosage for extending healthy lifespan according to some of the leading scientists in the field.

Sometimes supplements are the only answer. For example. If you wanted to get the same amount of fisetin as the supplement sold by do not age in food format. You would have to eat at least 400 strawberries!

Fisetin is a senolytic that gets rid of the zombie cells that accumulate as we age. It's used to protect your brain, increase lifespan, reduce inflammation and fight cancer.

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