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Child friendly cat cafe review

Armed with my cat loving four year old son and hubby. I decided to surprise the little one with a trip to whiskers and cream. The only toddler friendly cat cafe in London.

Cat cafe

Whiskers and cream is easily accessed by public transport. At only a minutes walking distance from Upper Holloway - the nearest overground station.

The two storey cat cafe is a lovely place. Filled with adopted cats of all ages. Colours and breeds. Each cat with his or her own unique story. Lovingly told to us by staff members. 

We fell for two cats during our time at Whiskers and cream cafe. A Devon Rex cat nicknamed Trixy. She's a chilled out kitty with wavy. Light brown fur and a black face. 

Plus Oscar. A slimline. Tonikinese cat. Oscar is the youngest. Most playful and athletic cat of the bunch. With beautiful markings on his tail and above his eyes. 

Oscar loves to catch tiny balls of crumpled paper. He also loves playing in the long. Silky fur of the largest cat in the cafe. A cat with the same name as my dad.

Jasper. A large. Long haired cat of the Maine Coon variety. His brother - Jack is also usually present. But was recovering from surgery when we visited. 

All cats are free roaming and can be played with or stroked. Except for one. Who doesn't much like being bothered! 

Whiskers and cream cat cafe has large floor to ceiling windows at the front of the cafe.

From here. All cats can climb up to a high ledge. Or sit in comfy baskets near the base of the windows. Watching the world go by.

Booking ahead is strongly advised. And is a requirement if you're coming with kids.

Bookings can be made online at or call to book if coming with children. 

Only a limited number of properly supervised children under six can visit at any one time. With visits for young children taking place before lunchtime only. 

Kitty cafe
Booking is reasonably priced. Giving you an hour and a half at the cafe. The booking fee also includes a hot or cold drink of your choice.

There is an excellent selection of beverages on offer at whiskers and cream cat cafe. Including alcoholic beers. Wines and spirits. 

The hot drinks menu has a good variety of tea choices. Plus five different hot chocolate options. Ranging in Cocoa percentage. From white. To dark chocolate.

Instead of paying the basic entry fee, which includes a drink. You could upgrade to afternoon tea. Which needs to be booked for the whole group. 

The scones at whiskers and cream do look deliciously big and fluffy! 

You can also just add on extra food items during your time spent at the cafe. Should you prefer. Their menu includes a selection of sweet and savoury light bites. With vegan and gluten free options also available. 

We arrived before lunch. So I just ordered a croissant with tomato. Cheese and rocket. Plus a slice of chocolate and orange cake for the little one.

I also bought a chocolate cookie to go. However, all the food and drink items we purchased were quite average in taste. 

Our hour and a half booking actually sped by. Staff are so friendly. They introduce you to all of their resident cats and you will probably get talking to other pet loving guests at the cafe. 

Whiskers and cream cat cafe is one of the only cat caf├ęs in London that allows well behaved. Younger children. Like my four year old son to visit. 

It's great that you can also choose to extend your visit by an extra thirty minutes for a small fee.

All visitors receive a loyalty card. Which entitles you to a reward after your 10th stamp. If you're visiting with guests. Stamps will add up quickly. As our reward card was stamped per guest. Rather than per visit. 

Whiskers and cream have special birthday packages and a three hour booking available for remote workers. 

Walk ins are also welcomed. However weekends tend to get very busy!

The cafe is dimly lit and spacious. With one shy black cat that stays downstairs. Bless her.

There are beautiful. Avant garde and pin up styled cat photographs. Framed on all the walls. Plus more personal. Labelled portraits of the resident cats on a pillar downstairs.

While some other cat cafes across London have the option for adopting their cats. None at whiskers and cream are available to rehouse unfortunately. 

So. If you happen to fall for a feline like we did. You'll just have to become a regular visitor!

There are cat toys you can use to try and entice cats to play with you during your stay. Grooming brushes. Plus a selection of cat themed books to read. Even cat themed games to play during your time at whiskers and cream. 

We were so busy enjoying all the cats that we didn't get to play a game. I'd love to re-visit in warmer months so maybe we'll get to play it then. 

You can also purchase keepsake items. Like pins. Calendars and tote bags. All which feature the faces of the handsome cats at whiskers and cream cafe.

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