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New Casetify Phone Case Review 

I needed a new phone case so headed over to casetify. The online store for all your phone and tablet case needs.

Casetify cases
Casetify make and design hundreds of customisable cases that are drop proof. Providing a much needed layer of extra protection. With more creative phone and tablet case designs than you could ever imagine. There's a design for everyone.

I could literally get a case to match every one of my outfits.. and my moods! 

I wanted something simple but stylish so I chose the Majestic Black and White Starry Nebula in clear black. It features tiny starbursts and looks like a realistic. Super dark night sky. 

Made of recycled materials and featuring an antibacterial DEFENSiFY coating. Casetify cases not only protect your phone from damage. They eliminate 99% of bacteria to protect you and your phone from germs.

Cases are available for apple and Samsung users. Cases make the perfect gift for any occasion. So visit and join the #casetifycommunity today. 


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