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Skin + me custom face cream review 

Skin and me is a personalised skincare plan where you fill in an online questionnaire. Detail your skin concerns and receive your customised cream in the post. 

Skin and me
A monthly treatment plan is then made for you. Mine was specifically personalised to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. While supporting my skin’s long term health. 

Once you've achieved a skin goal with skin and me. You can log in to your profile to change any details so that future skincare deliveries are catered to your new skin goals. Or simply maintain your current skins condition. 

Use my special link to sign up and try your first month for FREE (just pay postage)!

A yellow skin + me package arrives once a month. Fitting inside your letterbox. Inside is your personal face cream bottle designed for nightly use. It will even have your name inscribed on it! 

An email will also be sent out to you. With a personal guide to your new skincare routine. With tips and details on what you can expect.

It also let's you know the planned active ingredients expected in your upcoming monthly bottles.

Mine sees a small increase in tretinoin. A retinoid proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Other active ingredients in my personalised skin and me cream are niacinamide. An antioxidant that reduces fine lines. Wrinkles and pigmentation. Plus azelaic acid. A skin texture improving antioxidant. 

About three days into using my custom made nightly cream. I noticed soreness and sensitivity from the product, so I decided to reduce use to every other night. To allow my skin to get used to the ingredients.

Skin me
However. I only needed to take one night off. As my skin was able to tolerate the cream without irritation by the 5th night.

By the time I was six days into using my skin and me cream. I could already notice my skin felt softer and smoother. Particularly on the under eye area that had previously felt a little sore after application. 

I'm positively surprised by my skin and me cream. I have seen fine lines dissappear in just a week! Having tried many anti-ageing products and Facials that didn't work before. I'm very impressed! 

I highly recommend this product for genuine skincare that works according to your needs. You'll never run out of product. As the cleverly designed applicator produces the perfect amount of cream each time.

Plus your monthly subscription will be sent automatically to reach you before you're empty each month. 

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