Recycling truck toy review

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Recycling truck toy review

My son eagerly opened his upgrade on his well loved. Now broken garbage truck toy. He's 4 years old and has been obsessed with garbage trucks since he was just 2!

Toy bin

It's how we got introduced to online children's sensation Blippi. Who famously made an educational song and music video celebrating the humble garbage truck.

His new truck is the city life recycling truck by playmobil. A fun and educational way to get kids interested in recycling. Keeping their planet clean and tidy. 

This toy provides hours of fun, whilst introducing children to sustainable and ethical practices. 

My youngest son had fun practicing his counting skills. As he counted the pieces of his shiny new garbage truck toy. Then put the truck together with my help and the help of his older brother.

My 4 year old was eager to role play with his brand new playmobil truck, and I really enjoyed bonding with him. It brought back fond memories of my childhood. I used to love assembling and playing with lego toys and vehicles as a child.

The city life recycling truck even includes two people, who can be fitted with hats and can hold on to the bins included in the set. All details are well thought of, and the realistic looking bins even include wheels.

Garbage truck toy

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