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Sensory retreats review

I was excited that my order from sensory retreats arrived so quickly. Supplying me with a weeks worth of self heating eye masks for some at home relaxation. 
Sensory retreats
My sensory retreats package arrived at the perfect time. As my eyes were feeling extra tender.

The Amour eyes self heating mask carries a subtle scent of fresh. Fragrant roses. With roses being one of my favourite smells. It's no surprise that I really enjoyed this mask. 

As soon as I placed the mask over my eyes. It gradually began to warm up. Staying warm for about thirty minutes.

With the amount of time we spend staring at screens. These self heating masks provide the perfect break mid day. Or before bed. 

Each mask is accompanied by a different complimentary 20-30 minute guided meditation. Unique to sensory retreats. Plus free crystal singing bowl music.

The self heating eye masks make a huge difference in my ability to relax and meditate.

I also purchased the mini revive candle to help get me off to sleep. It's a really fragrant candle with the welcome scent of lavender. Two other candle fragrances are also available. 

The luna sleep spray is a gorgeous fragrant. Sophisticated aroma. Thankfully not the predictable lavender scent often associated with sleep. 

You can spray it onto fabrics and into the air and I would definitely purchase the luna sleep spray again. 

I genuinely enjoyed the unique scent of each self heating eye mask. With luna eyes matching the welcome scent of the luna sleep spray. 

The dreamy eyes mask has a unique but subtle. Pleasant jasmine scent. 
Self heating masks
Divine eyes contains a relaxing scent of lavender. Whilst aurora eyes contains the comforting scent of chamomile. 

The eye masks are great for travelling and can be reused without the heat. You can enhance your eye therapy by applying your favourite eye cream or serum before relaxing under a self-heating eye mask. 

I also tried the gold. Self heating face mask by sensory retreats. The gold. Self heating face mask is a nice idea in theory. However it didn't fit comfortably to the unique contours of my face and contains no aroma or skin treatment. It's also only gold on the outside of the mask. 

I tried using it with a generous amount of cream applied to my face. However it just felt as though the cream was absorbed by the thick. Dry material of the gold. Self heating face mask. 

I would buy the eye masks and candles again. However my favourite product is the luna sleep spray. 

The unique. Self heating masks combined with aromatherapy fragrances and the meditation music from sensory retreats offer spa like pamper sessions. Wherever you are. A moment for meditation and stress relief. As well as some natural beauty therapy or a sleep aid. 

You can also purchase rollerball fragrances from sensory retreats. A gua sha face tool and premium. Mulberry silk pillowcases for softer. Smoother skin and hair. 

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