Reducing dairy made easy

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Reducing dairy made easy

Never before has cutting down on your dairy intake been so easy. With the rise of the dairy free milk industry. 

Milk substitute

You can even order your preferred milk of choice at virtually any cafe or coffee shop here in London. As there are barista quality milk alternatives. Available to buy online and in store at all supermarkets. 

I've used almond milk for a long time now and have also tried a few other non-desirable cow's milk alternatives in the past.

I still enjoy quality cows milk. However it's a good idea for us all to cut down on animal milk consumption. For a number of reasons such as issues like lactose intolerance. Hormones and antibiotics in a lot of cow's milk. Plus the abuse many animals sadly go through to produce an excessive amount of milk for us. 

So I've recently been putting some other vegan friendly milk brands to the test. Here are my findings. 

Minor figures oat milk 

I remember when I first tried oat milk some years ago. It was watery. Starchy. Awful stuff. Thankfully the non dairy milk industry has improved massively since then.

Oat milk

I recently tried the minor figures Barista oat milk brand. Which gets my full approval. It tastes delicious in everything from hot teas and coffees. To cold cereals and protein shakes.

It's creamy like all good milk should be. With a long 12 month shelf life. The carbon neutral. Barista standard quality oat milk. By minor figures is impressive.

There's an organic Barista oat milk as well as a Barista light, and both taste the same.

Barista light is delicious oat milk just with less sugar and low in fat. Whilst still being the perfect companion to a well made coffee.

As mentioned earlier. It's a good idea for everyone to at least reduce dairy consumption. As cows milk can cause underlying health conditions in some people. 

It's not always well digested or tolerated and there can be harmful chemicals and other disruptive components at play.

Another plant based milk on the market is m.lkology by might drinks. Fortified with calcium. Iodine vitamin D and b.12.

M.lkology is a pea protein based milk alternative. Providing 20 grams of protein in each serving. 

This plant based milk is in a plant based pack. The people at mighty drinks have performed some impressive research. 

If a million people switched to m.lkology for a year. We'd save 8 thousand acres of land and save enough water to fill over 27 stadiums. 

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