Mr Fogg's Botanicals Review

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Mr Fogg's Botanicals Review 

Mr foggs Botanicals on the corner of Goodge street gets busy. So you might need to book ahead. We went on a Thursday evening and just about managed to snag a same day booking. Bookings here last 1 hour and thirty minutes. 

Mr Fogg's

Mr foggs was really busy throughout our stay. As we were seated complimentary glasses of tap water were poured by a friendly waiter. 

Now that I've become quite the cocktail queen. Nothing excited me on the cocktail menu. Except a unique cocktail with peanut. Unfortunately I'm allergic. So couldn't order what would have been my first choice. 

As the name of this bar suggests. Mr Foggs Botanicals infuse healthy. Herbal elixirs into cocktails on the menu. Such as echinacea in the Cocktail named 'Jane's little temptation'. 

Mr foggs

The bar snacks and platter are predictable and basic. What would have been cool is if Mr Foggs had played on the botanicals theme with the snack offerings also. 

A friendly waitress offered to help me choose a drink. I settled on the Charge of the light brigade cocktail. Which she recommended as being sweet. 

Unfortunately it was a let down of a drink. Boring to look at and to taste. Filled high with crushed ice and tasting like mildly sweetened lime juice. Not nearly as sweet as expected. 

I also tried and quite enjoyed the spicy rupee. A Vanilla-infused cocktail. With vodka. Elderflower. Lime. Honey and chilli flakes. It's the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. With a spicy kick. 

Mr Fogg's Botanicals

The venue was definitely the best thing about Mr foggs for me. With a stunning and unique display of real plants. I'm just drawn to plant locations. Click here to see what I mean. 

There's also a really pretty. White winding staircase at Mr foggs. Where on Saturdays you can enjoy tipsy tea. An afternoon tea experience at the house of Botanicals up their pretty. Winding stairs.

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