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Intune cbd infused drinks review

I recently tried some sparkling. Cbd infused soft drinks by intune. All three flavours are delicious tasting. Not too sweet. With no horrible artificial taste. Each 250ml can contains 10mg of active cbd.

Non alcoholic drinks

Cbd has been found to benefit the brain in a large number of ways. From increased focus and mental clarity. To neurological improvements. Improved emotional and mental state. 

Cbd is often used as a natural way to treat anxiety and depression. 

Intune make guilt free fizzy drinks for the health conscious adult. All beverages are virtually fat free and low in sugar. Using less than 4% of naturally occurring sugars from beetroot to sweeten.

Intune drinks are currently available in three tasty flavours. Elderflower and hops. Grapefruit and mint. And pomegranate with ginger. I can't decide which is my favourite! 

Intune also sell cbd mixers. So you can make the perfect cocktail or non-alcoholic mocktails. With recommended cocktail ingredients on their website at intunedrinks.com 

Get 15% off your order with the special code INTUNEAGAIN. Or 20% off for students. Key workers and seniors using the link on their website! 

I can't wait to stock up on these for summer as that's when I really enjoy a nice cold soft drink. 

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