Sunset over a sparkling bridge

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Sunset over Albert Bridge

After a cheap but impressive date this valentine's day? Albert Bridge is a less frequented bridge in London. Than somewhere like Tower Bridge. Making it perfect for a romantic evening destination.

Beautiful background
Which is exactly why my husband and I enjoyed our trip to Albert Bridge so much. And what's better.. It's a free London attraction!  

Flashback to late summer 2021. We were enjoying the first full week off from the kids in.. forever! Racing to get to Albert Bridge before sunset was over. 

We arrived just in time. To playful colours in the sky. With a tiny crescent moon as the finishing touch!

I wore a white. Sequined top beneath a pink tweed. Houndstooth blazer and a pink fascinator in my hair. 

The sequins tied in perfectly with the glittering lights all over Albert Bridge. Whilst my pink blazer and fascinator matched the flirty pink colour of the bridge itself.

I love it when a creative photoshoot concept goes to plan. Though had you tried to tell me that mid shoot. I would have rolled my eyes. 

At the time it didn't seem we were getting any successful shots. Thanks to my mobile phone that was well overdue an upgrade!

Pink bridge
My photo ideas and outfits are workings of my own mind. Maybe one day I'll have a team to help me like famous influencers and celebrities. 

I also currently work with subpar tech. Hoping one day to be able to afford to purchase better equipment. For now I make do. I press on. 

My husband is my photographer and he's very patient with me. Even though I can be such a nightmare! 

Behind the lens it can be very stressful. It's not all glitz and glamour for us. However. After some editing. I realised I was thankfully able to salvage a few shots. Albeit slightly fuzzy ones. 

I highly recommend Albert Bridge at sunset and in the night. For an amazing photoshoot location. Especially for wedding photography. 

It's also a great place to go for a picnic. With Gail's bakery across the road. You don't even have to make the picnic yourself. 

Albert Bridge is also a pretty destination for a peaceful walk or a run. I'm curious as to what it's like at sunrise. Knowing my struggle with early mornings. I'll probably never find out!

Sparkly outfit
After the one part exciting. One part intense photoshoot. We sat on some nearby benches overlooking the stunning bridge. An amazing. Unspoilt view of Albert Bridge twinkled away for our viewing pleasure. 

Before we knew it. The sky had turned dark blue and the lights on the bridge looked even more impressive. Reflecting into the river beneath it. 

We sipped some wine and listened to some music. However. We had forgotten how much colder and windier it is beside bodies of water. As we weren't properly prepared we couldn't stay for long.  

Don't make the same mistake! Bring layers and hot tea if you plan on visiting Albert Bridge after dark. Even on hot summer days. 

Sitting further back to admire the bridge at a nearby bus stop is a warmer option. Although it would have been a lot less windy. The main road noise and passing vehicles. Make for a far less romantic. Less enjoyable experience. So we gave it a miss. 

There are lavish dining options in nearby walking distance. Should you really wish to push the boat out. I recommend the Ivy Asia on the King's Road in Chelsea. 

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