Tokyo treat snack subscription review

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Tokyo treat snack subscription review

I had been looking at Tokyo treat for ages and finally gave in to temptation. Tokyo treat is a fun and tasty Asian snack subscription box. Shipping snacks from Japan to all over the world! 

Tokyo treat

My first box arrived the day after valentines.  Filled with fun. Colourful valentines themed treats of mostly strawberry flavour snacks.

Strawberries are commonly enjoyed as a winter time snack in Japan and the giant Amaou strawberries have been used to flavour the hi chew. Premium soft candy included in my box. These rare strawberries grown in Itojima have been known to cost up to $10 usd each! 

With Japan's strawberry day on the 5th of January not far behind us. It's no wonder my February box is full of strawberry treats. Then there's the fact that strawberries are thought of as such romantic fruit.

I'm not usually a fan of strawberry flavoured sweets and chocolate. However the snacks in this box were perfectly flavoured. 

A strawberry kit kat pouch. Containing 11 mini strawberry milk flavour chocolate kit kats. So flavoursome. With the strawberry smell and taste really coming through more than I had expected.

Each mini kit kat was packaged in different playful hues of pink. Purple. Yellow or green.

As a bonus for using a special code to purchase my first Tokyo treat snack box. I also received some chocolate orange flavour mini kit kats that were tasty and flavourful. 

The only negatives about Tokyo treat is that there aren't any vegetarian or vegan boxes. So some of the snacks included in my Tokyo treat box. Like the unique shrimp salt popcorn weren't suitable for us and had to be given away. 

Also, the longer you subscribe to Tokyo treat. The cheaper your subscription becomes. However, you have to pre-pay for the whole subscription. Which can be up to a years worth of boxes!

In this Valentine themed edition there was a  yummy strawberry milkshake in a tin, which threw me off! As I expected it to be a fizzy drink. It's a subtle cultural difference that we're not used to in London. Our milkshakes don't come in a can. 

There were also some thin wafers, which tasted like mildly sweet ice cream cones. 

The sittori chocolate was one of my favourite chocolate treats in this months Tokyo treat box. A unique melt in the mouth wafer biscuit. Drizzled in creamy. Molten chocolate. With most pieces circle in shape. Plus a few unexpected heart shaped bites. Aww. 

Mini strawberry milk choco balls are really eye catching chocolates. Packaged in what can only be described as pill pouches! I'd rather pop one of these for pain relief any day! 

A few of the snacks were quite bland but the majority tasted delicious. Every time I opened my box the lovely smell of strawberry was noticeable. 

I also love the fact that each box comes complete with a mini magazine. Which is read from back to front and includes loads of details about Japanese traditions and culture. 

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