Rituals home and body products review

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Rituals home and body products review

I've been seeing a lot of Rituals products online and out and about in London.

Rituals create luxurious body. Beauty and home products. Designed to help us relax and make our living space more comfortable. and find happiness in the little things.

I purchased some of their luxury home fragrances and shower oils.

My first encounter with Rituals didn't start off well, as my order was delayed and customer service replies were slow. It's best to purchase directly in store if you can. 

However. I can report that I'm in love with Rituals! Read on to find out about my personal favourites. 

I spritzed a little wild fig luxury room spray into my hallway at a particularly challenging time. 

The awful smell of raw meat was infiltrating my living space. As my next door neighbours were getting ready to host a party.

Thankfully, my wild fig room spray came to the rescue. As it was able to quickly cut through that nasty smell with just two sprays. 

It's a worthy investment. As the luxury room sprays from Rituals smell incredible. Not cheap and chemical laden like most popular supermarket air freshners. 

The best part is the aroma from the wild fig room spray lingers for a long time. Leaving a noticeable, welcome fragrance around my house. 

The bottle looks luxurious and smells great too. A spray bottle that will compliment any surface. Not be hidden away in a dark cupboard. 

Prior to my official first order from Rituals. I received a free sample of ritual of namaste face cream and serum. Both the glow cream and serum are a lovely consistency and smell divine. With a delicate. Feminine floral scent.

In my order I also purchased some shower oils. The ritual of mehr shower oil featuring sweet orange and cedar wood is not my favourite. It's a really mild scent reminiscent of Glossier shower oil.

I also bought the Ritual of mehr hand cream. Which smells nicer than the matching shower oil. It smells like tea and fruity citrus. This recovery hand balm is part of a set and goes on nicely. It's a smooth. Nourishing cream. 

In comparison, the ritual of jing hand lotion is easily forgettable for both scent and its moisturising efforts. 

The ritual of Karma shower oil features holy lotus and white tea. It's a nice moisturising shower experience, but not very fragrant. 

The ritual of ayurveda shower oil is a mix of Indian rose and sweet almond oil. It's my favourite of the three shower oils with a mild but noticeable scent of rose that I enjoy. 

Rituals are also popular for their shower foams. Shower foam is a fun way to shower. The foam lathers and cleanses well. The ritual of sakura shower foam has a lovely aroma. It's a fragrant spring time scent. With floral notes. 

From the home fragrance category I also bought Rituals green Cardamom mini fragrance sticks. Which don't possess a very noticeable smell unfortunately. 

Rituals have a loyalty programme, where you can collect points on every order and even receive a free gift for your birthday.

If you only purchase one thing from Rituals it has to be a luxury room spray. With a range of fragrances to choose from, they're one of the best ways I've found to keep your home smelling divine. 


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