Caci Eye Revive Treatment Review

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Caci treatment review 

The caci facial toning treatment is designed to tighten loose skin. Sculpt and reduce wrinkles. 

There are also settings to reduce Cellulite. Hand treatments. Plus one for the lips. Which is supposed to gently increase their fullness. Through a non invasive plumping effect. 

I lay down. Closed my eyes and got comfy for my thirty minute treatment. That begins with your whole face being cleansed. After which a toner is applied.

Next a mixture of microcurrent emitting rods and rollers gently grip and massage the under the eye. Brow and forehead area. 

I expected just the immediate eye area to be targeted. However. Caci eye revive is actually a half face treatment. Which is a bonus!

The caci facial treatment gives off a weird sensation. It feels tingly. At times slightly prickly but it's not painful at all.

Facial lifting
The first microcurrent roller massage is performed with red light. Then repeated with a blue light and a stronger current. 

After the roller massages. Your eyes are treated to a gel eye mask. Where your eye and forehead area are once again massaged with microcurrent emitting rollers. 

The second time around the microcurrent massage takes place over the eye mask. First with the red light massager and again with the blue light roller. 

Don't expect to see results after just one treatment. Whilst my skin did feel tighter during and after the treatment. There was no visible improvement. 

My friendly therapist recommended six treatments every three days for the best result from caci eye revive. 

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