The Best chocolate shop In London (UPDATED 2023)

The Best London Chocolate Shop

I'll start this blog post with the London chocolate shops that didn't quite hit the mark in my humble opinion.

Chocolate London
Dark Sugars London Chocolate Shop

Choccywoccydoodah London (now closed)

The artistic flair of the chocolate designs available at Choccywoccydoodah is very impressive. With animals and people moulded out of chocolate. The London shop is very quirky. However when it comes to taste. I was left a little unimpressed with the chocolate options available at choccywoccydoodah.

Rococo Chocolates

Rococo have been making and selling chocolate since 1983 and now have seven different London stores. Plus the option to shop online. I tried a bar of white chocolate from Rococo, which didn't make it onto my list of favourite white chocolate brands in London. The hot chocolate from Rococo was also a let down.

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

After an uneventful hot chocolate from Le Cafe Alain Ducasse in St Pancras London. Which was served with some 75% dark madagascan chocolate. I was not tempted to further browse the chocolate selection at Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse located next to the coffee shop. If you're a person who prefers a more sour tasting. Less sweet chocolate than you will enjoy the chocolate available here.

The Best Chocolate Shop In London


Venchi first opened a shop in 1878 in Turin - Italy. They have since been going strong, with two London stores and the option to shop online. I love their in store chocolate pick and mix where you can try their vast selection of individually wrapped chocolates.

Enjoy a fancy hot chocolate at Venchi in either milk. Dark. Hazlenut or alcohol infused flavours. Along with chocolate spreads and giant bars of chocolate.

Venchi's stand out products : Chocaviar. Creme Cacao chocaviar

Venchi's stand out product is a unique chocolate invention called chocaviar. Chocaviar is caviar in chocolate form, which you can enjoy in either milk. White or dark chocolate flavours. The chocaviar from Venchi is delicious and a very pretty decoration. Sold in store and online. With options to enjoy a sprinkling of chocaviar on a delicious Venchi gelato cone.

The gelato flavours at Venchi taste superb. Venchi wouldn't be a genuine chocolate shop without selling a chcolate gelato flavor. You can sample the ice cream flavours for free before deciding on your gelato of choice. Chocaviar is also available on some of the chocolates on sale at Venchi. The creme cacao chocaviar chocolate has a special place in my heart. You must try it. It's so delicious!


Prestat have been selling luxury chocolates to London since 1902. With their colourful London shop and an array of brightly packaged chocolates. 

Prestat's stand out products : Ruby Chocolate. Milk chocolate with Earl Grey tea and lemon.

I usually prefer my chocolates in more plain flavours. However at prestat the balance between flavours has been perfectly mastered. The milk with earl grey and lemon chocolate bar has a delicious delicate amount of lemon and earl grey flavouring. Plus welcomed little crunchy pieces in the chocolate bar.

The Ruby chocolate bar can be best described as a fruity white chocolate. With a lovely rosy colour. 


Godiva London chocolate

Godiva chocolate shop was founded in Belgium in 1926 and God knows I love Godiva chocolate! With their romantic and creative luxury chocolate inventions. Choose from traditional chocolate bars. Chocolate spreads. Drinking chocolate or my favourite. Chocolate covered fruit. It doesn't stop there with Godiva. There are currently five Godiva chocolate shops in London and a Godiva cafe! At Cafe Godiva you'll be treated to some impressive chocolate desserts and drinks. Which look as good as they taste!

Godiva's stand out products : Chocolate covered fruit. Chocolate sin cake

Romantic heart shaped box filled with large. Juicy strawberries dipped in either milk or dark chocolate!

The chocolate sin cake available from Cafe Godiva in Harrod's

Godiva's chocolate fruit skewers. Fresh chopped strawberries and bananas are coated in thick delicious chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel chocolat probably have the best VIP members reward system out of any chocolate shop in London. An authentically British chocolatier shop established in 1987. Selling a wide range of chocolate based products. Including beauty products and fragrances. With more than ten London locations and even a school for aspiring chocolatiers. I recommend hotel chocolat for gift purchases and picking up some yummy chocolate treats.

Hotel Chocolat stand out products : Passion fruit and white chocolate bar. Milk and cookies chocolate bar.

You must try the hotel chocolat passion fruit and white chocolate bar. Also the milk and cookies chocolate bar is deliciously addictive.

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is a Belgian chocolatier with stores in London. Enjoy luxury. Beautifully presented chocolate bars. Truffles. Macarons. Drinking chocolate and cakes from Pierre Marcolini's shop in one of three London locations.

Pierre Marcolini's stand out product : White chocolate bar

The white chocolate available at Pierre Marcolini, is some of the best white chocolate available in London. With the perfect amount of flavour and creaminess.

Italian Bear Coffee (Formerly Said Dal 1923) 

Italian Bear Coffee is a stylish chocolate shop. With two London branches. Expect premium quality chocolate products. Famed for being the oldest chocolatier in the capital of Italy - Rome.

Italian Bear sell a large variety of their own luxury chocolates. You can buy and take home anything from chocolate bars. Drinking chocolate. Cocoa powder. Cakes and pastries. In terms of hot chocolate. You can either enjoy a regular or large white. Milk. Dark. Or hazelnut hot chocolate beverage. Hot chocolates at Said are creatively prepared in a cup that's slathered in a trio of thick. Melting white. Dark and milk chocolate sauces.

Don't forget to request the extra special triple chocolate cup with your hot chocolate. As it's an additional treat, that incurs a supplement fee.

Many products at Said are also available as dairy free options. Substituting with soy milk.

The chocolate cake is generously sliced and comes with the option of being drenched in their infamous trio of chocolate sauces. Just like their impressive drinks. The chocolate smothered chocolate cake makes for a beautiful looking treat. Which tastes as good as it looks.

It doesn't end there for chocolate lovers either. Take your pick from mouth watering tiramisu. Profiteroles. Waffles. Doughnuts and more. All with a hefty serving of chocolate of course!

In the summer you can also enjoy chocolate milk shakes. Ice cream, or affogato.

Italian Bear Coffee's stand out products : Triple chocolate cup hot beverages. Chocolate covered strawberries. Triple chocolate covered chocolate cake. 

The hot chocolate with the triple chocolate cup at Said London is one of the best hot chocolate drinks I've ever had! Said hot chocolate has the most perfect. Creamy consistency, and just the right amount of sweetness. The triple chocolate sauce looks and tastes divine. Coffee lovers need not miss out. As you too can request a triple chocolate cup for your exclusive Italian roasted coffee.

The homemade chocolate cake is delicious. With the additional extra chocolate in the form of the triple chocolate sauces. All the makings of the most impressive slice of chocolate cake you'll ever have!

Then there's the strawberries. Chocolate and strawberries work so well together. Especially when dipped in the delicious chocolate available at Italian Bear Coffee.

Said London Chocolate Shop
Italian Bear - A chocolate shop in London

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum and Mason is a fancy but welcoming shop with a dedicated chocolate section and attentive staff. There is no short of variety available amongst the chocolate at Fortnum and Mason. With truffles. Chocolate bars and drinking chocolate.

Fortnum and Mason's stand out product : White chocolate lemon truffle

The white chocolate and lemon truffle is a unique combination that offers the creaminess of white chocolate with a sweet lemony tang.

Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme is a French pastry chef and chocolatier. With a London Shop. His range of chocolate includes truffles. Chocolate covered nuts. A chocolate spread and fruit.

Pierre Herme's stand out product : Chocolate and passion fruit mogador cake

I couldn't resist purchasing a cake that featured one of my favourite fruits and generous amounts of chocolate. The passion fruit is really flavoursome in this cake. More so than I had expected. Giving the cake a sharp. Tangy taste. With a thick milk chocolate coating and vanilla sponge. The sponge also has a generous amount of chocolate chunks.

Paul A Young

Paul Young's first chocolate shop opened in London Islington in 2006. He currently has two London shops. With a unique selection of chocolates to choose from. Including the unique. Award winning marmite chocolate!

Paul A Young's stand out product : Caramelised milk chocolate with popcorn pave

Paul A Young's caramelised milk chocolate with popcorn pave is a deliciously creamy milk chocolate slab. With a noticeable taste of fresh popcorn. And subtle crunch of tiny popcorn pieces. It sounds simple, but the ingredients work so well together and make for a totally addictive chocolate.

William Curley Chocolate Shop

William Curley is a chocolatier with a chocolate shop in a peaceful corner of Soho. The shop is perfect for sitting in and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. With the choice of four different spiced options and complimentary William Curley books on display to read in store.

William Curley's stand out product : Mango and passion fruit chocolate

The mango and passion fruit chocolates by William Curley are delicious.

Dark Sugars Chocolate Shop

Dark sugars sell a variety of chocolate in their two London locations. Brick Lane and Greenwich. There's something for everyone. With a selection of sweet. Bitter. Boozy. Vegan and crunchy chocolates. 

Dark Sugars stand out products : Drinking chocolate. Irish Cream Pearls. Limoncello chocolates

With 12 different hot chocolate flavours to choose from. The hot chocolate at Dark Sugars is one of the most impressive looking hot chocolate's around! A generous amount of chocolate shards in milk. White and dark chocolate are added to each cup. The chocolate shards are sliced from thick chocolate blocks and added to your hot drink right in front of you in store.

As for the chocolates at Dark sugars. There's so much delicious variety available that everyone is bound to have their own favourite. For me. The Irish cream pearl is delightful. With a gorgeous metallic copper look and creamy. Flavoursome taste. I was equally as impressed by the limoncello chocolates which look so pretty with their diamond shape and tiny candy balls on top. The candy balls give the creamy chocolate a welcome crunch.


Melt chocolate shop London
Melt - Notting Hill Chocolates

Melt is a chocolate brand that is native to London Notting Hill. With two shops in the area. The bright. Sleek branding and shop design is very appealing. With a variety of interesting chocolate flavours. The most unique of which are the cocoa kola and toast and marmalade chocolate flavours. You can also a enjoy a thick. Rich hot chocolate. Healthy chocolates. Including CBD infused chocolate products. I love the taste and consistency of Melt chocolates. 

Melt Chocolate stand out products : White chocolate. Milk chocolate

Both the white chocolate and milk chocolate bars from Melt are perfect in every way. Texture. Flavour. Sweetness and creaminess. I reckon I'll probably enjoy most. If not all of their products. However I much prefer traditional chocolate flavours.

Artisan Du Chocolat

Serving some of the best hot chocolate in London. Artisan du chocolat also sell some innovative chocolate flavours. Such as their lime and basil infused chocolates. I have to be honest. I haven't quite enjoyed the chocolates I've tried from Artisan Du Chocolat. Of which I've tried milk chocolate with popping candy. White chocolate with mascarpone and some dark chocolate honeycomb.

Artisan Du Chocolat's stand out product : Drinking chocolate

This chocolate shop made it onto my list of the best chocolate shops in London purely because of their delicious hot chocolate. Thick and creamy. With the perfect amount of sweetness and warmth.

See my complete list of the best hot chocolate in London here 


One of three London nut shops. Carpo sell a large variety of chocolates. Including drinking chocolate and coffee. I first visited the Hans Crescent Carpo shop in November 2023 where a friendly member of staff allowed me to taste the chocolate truffles, which tasted divine. The packaging for their festive boxes is incredible. With suede and glittering gemstones on some gift boxes.

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