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A guide to Bridges in London

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What is it about the structure of a bridge that most people can agree is simply breathtaking? 
Bridges London

From the clever architecture of bridges.
To the history surrounding them.

The city of London certainly has its fair share of bridges to marvel at. Walk besides or drive across.

There are 35 to be exact. Including Lambeth Bridge. Blackfriars Bridge and Waterloo Bridge. All with their own unique design.

They're one of the best places for a walk. A workout. Photos and panoramic views. 

In this guide to bridges in London. I'm going to focus only on the bridges I personally believe have the most visual appeal. 

This is a guide for both natives and tourists. Enjoy a Daycation. Walking tour or a vacation at these accessible landmarks. 
Tower bridge views
Hotel near Tower Bridge 


Tower Bridge has to be my favourite London landmark and my favourite bridge out of all the Bridges in London. 

It's the longest bridge crossing the Thames. The oldest is Richmond Bridge. 

Visually speaking. This bridge makes a stunning backdrop at a number of locations across the city. 

It quite literally holds the top spot. For the most number of impressive locations that this bridge can be viewed from. 

From its very own park. The Potters field park. Along the river thames. 

It's the most up close view you can get of the bridge. Without actually stepping foot on it. 

In the area are a number of quality cafes and restaurants. 

Tower bridge

With its bright blue tones and impressive light display at dusk. 

No tourist can visit London, without getting at least one photo of Tower Bridge.

So good it is. That there is even a museum tourist excursion available. That I highly recommend. 

You'll see the bridge from a whole different angle and learn a lot about it. Click here to find out more. 

Iconic Tower bridge photo locations

The best spots for gorgeous photos are :

1. Directly on the bridge 

It's a great place for a stroll or run. 

2. Directly inside it! 

Take on a unique perspective from inside this monumental location. 

3. Drinking and dancing

Cloud M is a particularly good rooftop bar choice. For full on Tower bridge views. 

Next door to Cloud M is Savage garden with a higher vantage point. See my full review here.

There's also Xi bar. The bar inside the Tower Hotel. 

Tower bridge views
Stopping for photos before lunch at the Ivy Tower Bridge 

4. Sleeping

Wondering where to stay to prolong the views? 

Tower Hotel

The number one accommodation for Tower Bridge views has to be the Tower Hotel by Guoman. Read my full review here.

Cheval three quays 

Cheval three quays is my second recommendation. With quite literally stunning views come day or night. 

5. Dining


Enjoy a picnic at the park closest to the bridge. Potters field park. 

Gaucho Tower Bridge

For steak lovers. It doesn't get much better than Gaucho. The tower Bridge chain of this restaurant has spectacular views of Tower bridge 

Le pont de la tour

This restaurant is perfectly positioned besides Tower Bridge. I would personally only visit for drinks and a snack. Or some dessert. As the menu is not to my taste. 

Cote hays galleria 

Visit for French food with a view. 

Tower bridge at night

Ivy Tower Bridge

One of London's most popular European cuisine restaurant chains. The Ivy, Tower bridge location is directly beside Tower Bridge. TIP : for the best seats in the house. Sit upstairs by the window. 


This is the restaurant of the Tower Hotel. Quite literally beside the 'girl with a dolphin' A Water fountain. With Tower Bridge as its backdrop. 

Blueprint CafĂ© 

Indoor seating, with its floor to ceiling window views of the Bridge. 


I was recently treated to dinner here and had no idea this place existed. 

Enjoy shisha and non alcoholic cocktails at this beautifully designed restaurant. Right next to two of the other restaurants mentioned in this guide. 

Coppa club

Situated along the River front is Gaucho. With pretty domes in winter. For cozy outdoor eating and drinking. 

You'll love the views of Tower bridge here at any time of day or night. I first visited Coppa club for lunch. Click to see my review.

Tower bridge London

6. On a Thames River ride

Coppa club is next door to the Tower Millennium Pier. Where a Thames clipper ride can see you cruise across the River to Coppa club. How's that for arriving in style!

Plus you can enjoy a number of dining experiences on a river boat. 


The less impressive location of Southwark Bridge is brought to life at night. 

Here you'll enjoy the illuminated River. A permanent installation of colourful lights. That complement the twinkling river. 

This permanent light show spans 15 of London's Bridges. 

Sunset in London
Caught the perfect sunset over Albert Bridge this summer


London Bridge is most famous in songs and searches. However it isn't a visually pleasing bridge. 

The location dubbed after London Bridge is. However a hot spot. For social gatherings in bars and restaurants. 

Being the foodie that I am I thought I would put you on to my favourite restaurants in the London Bridge area. 

London bridge restaurants 


A great choice for some Italian fare. 


Another Italian restaurant that does amazing pizza. Using fresh sea water. It's a restaurant like no other! 

26 grains 

A good choice for healthy options. 

Patty and bun 

Make some of the best burgers and fries. 

Where the pancakes are

Is best for amazingly good pancakes. 


An Australian cafe restaurant. Serving tasty meals. 


Where it's at, for a swanky date with some steak. 

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Bridges of London


My all time favourite bridge in London has to be Albert Bridge in South West London.

The stunning Albert Bridge is best viewed from the start of sunset. Where on the right evening. 

Warm colours in the sky tie in perfectly with the pink colour of this bridge.

This historic bridge is also lit up by 4000 LEDs at this time of night. 

With benches plus being a less touristy bridge. Albert is quite a hidden gem. 

Should you wish the night not to end. There are loads of swanky bars and restaurants. 

Such as the Ivy and ivy asia. You can check them out in close walking distance on the Kings Road in Chelsea. After visiting Albert Bridge at dusk. 

Westminster bridge


If you wanted to. You could walk from Albert Bridge to Chelsea Bridge. A walk that should take just under twenty minutes to complete.

The nearby pestana hotels a great place to stay or enjoy spa treatments. 


Westminster Bridge allows you to enjoy a backdrop of big Ben. The houses of Parliament and the London Eye. 

It's a road and foot bridge. Great for photoshoot purposes. 

Plus it's a cool place to stop off and take in the sights across the River during your commute. 


Take a sunset visit to the newest bridge in London - Millennium bridge (better yet sunrise, when there's very little foot traffic) 

Millennium Bridge
Best foot bridge in London 

This is my favourite footbridge. For a serene walk and an amazing photoshoot location. 

Here you can enjoy all that South Bank has to offer. With the southbank center. Bars and restaurants in close walking distance .

If you’re looking for a place to stay near one of these bridges, take a look at this collection of luxury serviced apartments in London.

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