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Elan cafe review

I finally visited London's most Instagrammable cafe. Elan cafe aka EL&N London. 
Elan cafe Knightsbridge
Elan cafe Knightsbridge 

Elan is the pioneer of flower walls. Rose lattes and milennial pink dining areas in London. Inspiring many other eateries and beauty salons to add some pink or faux blossoms to their store. 

The El&n food and interiors have been going viral since their big opening at park lane. Mayfair in 2017.

El&n (Elan) stands for Eat Live and Nourish. I'm impressed by the 7am-11pm opening hours of most stores. Even on Sundays. That's some of the longest opening hours of any cafe or restaurant in London.
Elan cafe
Elan cafe London

The Elan brand just keeps growing. Now with an international restaurant in Doha Qatar and the newest El&n on the block in London. Elan cafe on Wardour Street soho.

Not content with just one visit to Elan cafe. I checked out five out of the six major EL&N cafe. Slash restaurant locations London currently has to offer. Trying different items from the elan cafe menu along the way.
Elan cafe menu
Elan cafe menu

Behold. My thorough review of EL&N London. And feast your eyes on all the Instagrammable food and drink!

First stop on my Elan cafe roadshow was a morning coffee stop at Elan marketplace Oxford Circus. 
Elan cafe
Most Instagrammable cafe in London 

We ordered a red velvet cake latte and black magic latte. Which are without coffee. The red velvet cake latte is for the younger crowd in my opinion. Reminding me of warm. Milky cereal. With a chocolate treat at the base. It photos well. The black magic latte wasn't as visually or edibly pleasing as expected. 

Next. I enjoyed a late breakfast at the newest EL&N cafe in Soho. Where I was transported to a world of neon.   

Over at EL&N soho. I ordered the nutella French toast. Which looks divine and tastes quite delicious too. Two thick. French toast slices are stacked on top of each other and drizzled in Nutella chocolate. With delicious. Fresh berries and a dusting of sugar. 

It was close to perfection. Although the slices of toast were a little dry. 

The saffron latte and spiced chai were nothing to shout about. Both in the looks and taste department.

I recommend this brand of Elan cafe the most for high energy. Celebratory vibes. With lively music playing and neon lighting galore. 

I then visited the Elan cafe I thought I would love the most. Elan Hans Crescent in Knightsbridge. Spread over two floors this Elan cafe truly is an instagrammers paradise. 

With unicorns to greet you upon entry. Candy hearts on the walls in the downstairs seating area and a velvet. Rose gold section upstairs. That is more to my liking than the cutesy. Unicorns and candy walls. Better suited to the likes of my teenage sister.

At EL&N Hans Crescent I ordered the shakshuka. Served with soft za'atar flat bread topped with sesame seeds. The shakshuka was really fragrant. 

With visibly fresh ingredients. Lots of Cumin. Red peppers and heavy on the tomatoes. However. It was all a little too tangy for my tastebuds. Elan cafe shakshuka is served with separate pots of Hummus and a sour chilli harissa. 

My husband ordered the turkish eggs. Consisting of two poached eggs in a bed of Greek yoghurt. Drizzled in olive oil. All topped with loads of fresh dill. 

It looked impressive and tasted quite nice. We're not used to Turkish eggs, and whilst it was nice for the experience. We both agreed it was a little too sour for our palette. Turkish eggs at Elan cafe. Are served with a side of soft bread and hummus. 

To drink we had the ombre passion fruit cooler and the butterfly pea flower mocktails. We love passion fruit and the ombre cooler was a mocktail done right. 

I wasn't so impressed with my butterfly pea flower. A new addition. To the menu. It looks almost identical to the passionfruit cooler. But tastes a bit too sugary sweet from the addition of rose syrup. 
Elan cafe Carnaby Street

Over at Elan Carnaby Street. I took home a generous slice of triple layered chocolate and ganache cake. With a light. Airy chocolate mousse outer and two layers of thicker. Buttery chocolate cream. It was just ok to the taste. 

I also tried the pineapple mimosa Tart. Topped with a creamy. White chocolate lotus leaf disc. The center of the creamy tart houses fresh pineapple chunks. 

I was surprised at the size of Elan Carnaby Street. With two floors. Plus outdoor seating. The larger section being downstairs. With cool neon slogans. 

El&n Brompton road branch has the prettiest flower installation. A stunning mirrored table. Which reflects the flower ceiling above it. This table seats a small group and would be the perfect location for an extra special sit down meal.

Every elan cafe looks totally different to the next. Whilst the menu was a bit hit and miss. The service we received at every cafe was really good. With a few of the menu items and prices differing. Depending on which EL&N you're at.

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