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Coppa tower bridge

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Hello. I hope everyone is doing well. My last date before lockdown was at Coppa Club Tower bridge London. A coppa club igloo was booked at a lunch time sitting. With up close views of the river Thames and tower bridge.

It was a cold day but thankfully the coppa club igloo we were in contained a heater. We sat at our a table for two. Which was ours for an hour and 30 minutes. The coppa club igloo is shared with other guests if less than seven guests are booked in. With separate tables. So it doesn't seem impersonal.

Music plays in the igloo and a coppa club igloo can be booked for a breakfast. Lunch or dinner menu. I had plans to come back to Coppa club Tower bridge to enjoy some cocktails at night time in a igloo. With views of tower bridge twinkling in the dark nearby. However the COVID-19 pandemic sadly put a stop to that plan.

Coppa club tower bridge is a lovely place for photos. As you can see from my images in this blog post. As well as for enjoying a special occasion.
Coppa Club menu
In the summer each igloo will receive a makeover. Winter bookings are all but finished now and maybe the menu will be different too.

Regarding our food at Coppa club tower bridge. It was all too basic for the price. A margarita pizza served without a pizza cutter. Or sharp enough knife, meant I had to do some fighting to cut through. Not to mention that the penne pasta was quite a small main. The cocktail menu was quite impressive. I had a Honey and Grapefruit Collins, which was mildly sweet and quite tangy with grapefruit. Rosemary. and gin. I wouldn't order that drink again though to be honest.
Coppa Club Igloo
Coppa club tower bridge receives mixed reviews from me. The menu isn't great for vegans and vegetarians. Maybe the meat and seafood dishes taste better. Service wasn't all that either. So I'd be back for drinks only. If at all. The views and unique concept is the main attraction for me.

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Coppa tower bridge reviews

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