Le'to Cafe Review

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L'eto Cafe Review

I went to Le'to cafe in the morning and scoured the breakfast menu for a hot beverage.
As I wasn't hungry enough to eat. 

The Miya Miya coffee is a cold frappucino that sounded yum. However it was too chilly of a day for cold coffee. 

Arriving at Le'to the cakes on display left me spoilt for choice. Especially the lemon meringue. 

I sat in for a while and opted for a butterscotch white hot chocolate from the indulgent hot chocolate menu. Which arrives in a clear glass mug. 

With a large piece of caramelised sugar on top. It looks the part, but unfortunately just tastes like a warm. Sweet milk. 
Leto cafe London

The cafe has plush seats with tall. Floor to ceiling padded backs. A multicoloured flower pillar installation in the center. Plus pretty hanging lights.

The menu is filled with healthy food choices. Including booster shots. Of which the 'hello beautiful' strawberry Collagen shot caught my eye. Plus herbal teas. One with the inclusion of sea buckthorn. 

The drinks menu is long. With a variety of tea and coffee. Mocktails. Smoothies and even a small selection of cocktails to quench your thirst. 

Of the tempting selection of cakes in the front window. I took home a slice of chocolate fudge cake and a violet macaron.
Le'to London

I chose the macaron more because of how it looked than what I hoped it would taste like. Thankfully neither cake disappointed. 

So good are their cakes that I can add L'eto to my list of all time favourite cake shops in London. 

Safe to say. I would return to Le'to for a healthy lunch and some more not so healthy sweets! 

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