Best Croissants In London

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Best croissants in London 

Who isn't obsessed with the humble French croissant. Humble no more. Thanks to a world of flavours now available in London to those that know where to look.

Best croissants

Chestnut Bakery

If you adore croissants as much as I do. You're gonna love new bakery on the block. Chestnut bakery in Victoria London. They have unique sweet and savoury croissants. Among other artisan pastries.

You can tell the quality of their pastries matter. The chestnut bakery even have a Stone baked oven. Which was visible and fired up last time I visited on a Wednesday morning.

I love their lemon meringue croissants. Huge, flaky croissants are filled with a zesty lemon curd.

Whilst the top of these croissants are smothered in a generous amount of marshmallow s'more. All finished off by a beautiful sprinkling of edible rose petals!

Best croissants

Wa Cafe

My absolute favourite hidden gem London location for amazing croissants is Japanese patisserie Wa cafe. Ask about their croissants. Which come in a variety of unique flavours. Such as green tea. Where a soft. Sticky matcha icing covers the croissants. Yummy!

Tarla Bakes

Tarla bakes deliver easy to bake croissants right to your door. With delicious just baked almond croissants and the most perfect plain croissants.

Croissants London

Cross Cross Croissants 

Although I'm not a fan of a lot of the croissants at Criss Cross bakery. I can't deny that the croissant selection in this cafe is insane!

Maybe you'll find a flavour you love here. Like I did with the sweet and tangy yuzu sesame meringue croissant.


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