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Bleecker burger review

I've enjoyed vegan and vegetarian meals from bleecker burger. Twice so far and been impressed each time. 

Bleecker burger

My first encounter was a home delivery of their plant based beef style burger. 

The symplicity burger. A ten day fermented. Vegetable patty with cheese. Lettuce. Onion and bleeckers house sauce.

It's officially one of the best burgers I've ever tasted. Meat or plant based! Featuring a super soft sesame burger bun. With a flavourful pattie and fresh veg. 

First time around I tried their angry house fries. Which comes with bleeckers very own delicious house sauce and hot sauce. Drizzled over flavoursome. Perfectly cooked fries. With just the right amount of spice. 

I also tried bleeckers own iced tea lemonade and a black and white milkshake. 

Wow! Not only do bleecker make one of my all time favourite burger and fries. They've outdone themselves with their delicious chocolate and vanilla soft serve milkshake.

Other available milkshake flavours are double chocolate. Vanilla. Oreo and coffee.

Second time around, I ate in one of their flagship stores and it was just as I had remembered. Only this time I tried their angry fries and was not disappointed. 

Same fresh tasting. Perfectly cooked fries. Just with hot sauce and... BLUE CHEESE!

Basic fast food burger joint this is not! 

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