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Best cookies in London
Ben's Cookies

Where to try the best cookies in London

Crosstown who are famed in London for making some of the best doughnuts known to London. Have now added some of the best cookies money can buy to the menu! Currently available in stores across London or for delivery are dark chocolate and milk chocolate cookies. 

Crosstown cookies review

The dark chocolate cookies by crosstown. Taste like diving into a bowl of thick. Rich. Molten dark chocolate. The cookies are a good size and the dark chocolate cookies are intense. So much so. That I wouldn't be able to have more than one in a sitting. Expect lots of actual chocolate throughout the dark chocolate cookies. It's like a high quality chocolate bar. Is tucked between the slightly chewy cookie dough. With a crunchy, crumbly outer. What I really like is the fact these cookies are not overly sweet. Just like crosstown perfectly made doughnuts. 

Cookies London

Ben's Cookies 

I've been passing quite a few of Ben's cookies shops on my recent travels through London. After a light lunch I decided to pop in to order some cookies for dessert.

Ben's have a few deals on their cookies. You can get Ben's box, which includes 5 cookies plus an extra 2 free.

Their large box deal, is buy 10 cookies and get an extra 5 cookies free. Out of all the best cookies locations. Ben's definitely has the most variety of flavours. 

I ended up getting a box and picked out 7 different cookies. Fear not London. Because Ben's cookies can also be ordered online for delivery. Round the clock! 

My favourite by far are the milk chocolate chip cookies. They're simply the best. So delicious! Ben's milk chocolate chip cookies are super soft. Buttery and melt in the mouth. 

Sweet. Creamy big chunks of milk chocolate are used. As Ben's motto is "chunks not chips!"

The dark chocolate chunk cookies had a milder taste. Thankfully the dark chocolate chunks are not too bitter. Ben's dark chocolate chunk cookie was not as soft as the milk chocolate, and tasted less sweet overall. A great choice for those with less of a sweet tooth. However I wouldn't buy the dark chocolate chunk cookies again.

I love the taste of orange with chocolate. So I happily added milk chocolate orange cookies to my box. Milk chocolate orange cookies taste the same as mouth watering milk chocolate. Just with a strong. Fragrant taste of orange. There are some real orange rinds in these cookies. Personally I found the taste of orange a tad too strong for me.

Ben's white chocolate cookies, were wonderfully soft and perfectly creamy. This is a white chocolate chunk cookie done right!

The triple chocolate cookies are comprised of soft milk and white chocolate chunks. Plus chocolate cookie dough. It's quite good, but as I've never been the biggest fan of double chocolate - let alone triple chocolate cookies. It wasn't one of their best. In my opinion. 

I also tried cranberry and white chocolate chunk cookies. The cranberry and white choc cookie has lots of mild tasting cranberries. I didn't like the texture of this cookie. I much prefer their plain. White chocolate cookies.

The double choc cookies were as good as double chocolate cookies get. I guess. I bought it just to review it. As like I said before. You can gimmie milk choc chip cookies over double or triple choc chip any day.

Ben's also sell peanut butter cookies. However I couldn't get any as I'm allergic!

Which cookies were the best flavour?

I'm in love with Ben's milk chocolate chunk cookies. My 2nd love are the white choc chunk cookies. I would definitely go back for a huge stash of these two delights.

When it comes to cookies, sometimes the simple flavours in life are best when done right.


Lovely buns cookies

A lesser known but brilliant Baker. Making some of the best made to order cookies in London is by an small business called lovely buns. With yummy cookies available to order online for home or office delivery. 

Lovely buns whip up some of the best. Uniquely unforgettable cookies. London has to offer. With tahini, chocolate and sesame cookies that look very interesting. Biscoff and cinnamon cookies. Sea salt and dark chocolate cookies. Plus hazelnut chocolate cookies. 

I've only tasted the hazelnut chocolate cookies by lovely buns. Which were scrumptious. Generously sized. With whole hazelnuts baked into the cookies. Giving off a wonderfully. Nutty flavour. Not to mention a molten. Milk chocolate center. Accompanied by large chocolate pieces. 

Crème London


The latest addition to my list of favourite cookie vendors in London are the delicious cookies from creme. Supplying some of the absolute best cookies available in London. With in store collection and delivery options. If you've never tried a white chocolate with miso cookie before. You're missing out! 

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