Artisan coffee review

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Artisan coffee review 

Whilst carrying out some coffee research I stumbled across luxury coffee subscription. The artisan coffee Co. The coffee sold by the artisan coffee company is designed to be paired with their very own brand of luxury chocolates. 

Artisan coffee

I ordered the full coffee and chocolate pairing range and was excited for its arrival. 

The day came when my box arrived in smart. Stylish packaging that would make the perfect luxury gift. 

In total there are six coffee flavours to enjoy. All ranging in intensity from 8 out of 10 to 6 out of 10. I don't usually drink coffee after 2pm but I couldn't wait to enjoy a cup of artisan coffee with some pairing chocolates. 

To start. I tried no.12. A coffee rated 6 out of 10 in intensity. I first tried it with milk and water, but think it will taste even better with full fat steamed milk for creaminess. As the accompanying no. 12 chocolates are so creamy and delicious. 

I love that everything is individually wrapped and the invention of coffee teabags is quite genius. Their big bags of aromatic coffee are brewed with no mess. No fuss and zero expensive equipment needed. 

You can smell and taste the freshness of the ingredients in both the coffee and chocolates. 

I never normally sit down to enjoy a coffee with some chocolate. Then again I'm not a major coffee drinker anyway. However this makes a delightful treat. Even for those that aren't crazy for coffee. 

I really enjoyed no.12. The smart cookie chocolates. To be paired with the Coffee by the same name. 10 individually wrapped. Golden chocolate disks are infused with honey. Biscuit and Cocoa nibs. 

Gourmet gifts

No. 1813 the heroine Is a beautifully designed dark chocolate with hazlenut pieces. The round chocolate disks feature thin curved gold lines on one side. A smooth. Creamy dark chocolate taste and a delicious pairing coffee. 

The genius 161 milk choc discs are painted with thin abstract swirls. This delicious creamy chocolate has candy crunch pieces of caramelised pecan and rasin. 

The enigma 720 features gilded specks on a fruity flavoured dark chocolate disc. It's a pleasant chocolate with the addition of raspberry and raisin. 

The big shot 1 dark chocolate with its beautiful gold structured swirls. Is the prettiest looking chocolate although all look great. 

The pairing coffee rated 8 out of 10 in intensity is really nice with milk. The chocolates are surprisingly creamy thanks to the addition of white chocolate. 

The dreamer 24 is a delicious milk chocolate with hexagon grid like Honeycomb design. The Artisan coffee co also sell bottles of their own pre-mixed espresso martini cocktails. Reuseable coffee cups. Coffee pods and a pod machine. 

All coffees and pairing chocolates are a delightful treat that I highly recommend. As a gift to self, or fellow coffee lovers. 

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