Breakfast at this unbelievable restaurant

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Breakfast at Mare Street Market

Mare Street Market review

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Dining at such a stunning location felt like we had been granted access to a beautiful museum. With tall windows letting in natural light. Real plants perfectly positioned and random statues effortlessly placed. 

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Cute cafe

Lighting interiors
The star of the show however. Are the multiple. Giant glimmering chandeliers hanging overhead. A fascinating display of uniquely shaped lights. Close enough to touch. Usually one show stopping light displayed in the center of any room is all you need. 

Pretty restaurants

Surprisingly, here at Mare Street market. The cluster of lights that fill every space on the ceiling. Look beautiful and not overdone or tacky.

Beautiful London restaurant

Even with so many stunning lights on display, Mare St Market doesn't feel intimidating. You can happily rock up to this beautiful restaurant in casual attire. However, I recommend getting some pictures here so do make some sort of effort.

Vegetarian breakfast
English breakfast vegetarian style

Okay let's talk food. First of all. We were not disappointed. So you can relax knowing that the food is also a great draw. We enjoyed generous portions of flavoursome. Piping hot vegetarian breakfasts.

Mare Street Market

I was spoilt for choice with my loaded plate of bubble and squeak. Smashed avocado. Giant mushrooms. Beans. Halloumi. Poached eggs and sourdough bread.

Cute cafes near me


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