What not to do in Mykonos

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What NOT to do in Mykonos

What not to do in Mykonos. Yes, you read that correctly. There are more than enough "what to do in Mykonos" travel tips on the web. So I thought. Why not cover what not to do in Mykonos instead. 

What to do in Mykonos
In the Ornos area of Mykonos

This is a bit of a light hearted post continuing on from my previous Mykonos blog posts. Check them out here for more honest Mykonos travel tips and holiday experiences from me.

I've had a few personal experiences..Mostly good, but some bad vacationing in Mykonos. So I thought I would take another look at the wonderful Greek island of Mykonos here on www.GoneSunWhere.com 

Only this time from a different angle in this travel blog post. Let's cover some of the things you probably should not do if considering a visit to the Greek island of Mykonos.

1. Don't chance booking a budget apartment. 

Unless you absolutely have to that is. My advice is not to take a risk by booking a cheaper hotel or apartment. 

We stayed in two lower budget hotel villas as well as a luxury hotel during our time on Mykonos island. 

Both of these low budget three star properties were well rated online. With no scary pictures. Proving that you can't always rely on online reviews. 

The mold, mildew and asthma inducing cigarette smoke really wasn't worth it for me. When we were in the fortunate position to have been able to pay extra for comfort and cleanliness. Click here to read more about my nightmare experiences in Mykonos. 

I can't tell you that every low budget hotel or villa in Mykonos will be a shambles. However, the fact two lower end rentals we booked. Were both pretty regretful and not as photos online depicted. Is enough cause for me to recommend you upgrade - If financially possible. 

Otherwise be prepared to spend every single day and night out and about! 

2. Don't drink the tap water. 

Thankfully we were warned ahead of time by the locals. The water in Mykonos isn't drinkable. You won't even get a glass of tap water in the restaurants in Mykonos.

A tiny church in Mykonos

3. Don't Stay in just one area. 

There's a lot of beauty to the island of Mykonos. It would be a shame not to see different beaches. Towns and view points.

4. Don't visit during the peak season. 

Unless traffic jams. Overcrowded beaches and tourists fighting to get the perfect shot are something you can appreciate.

The white streets of Mykonos old town

5. Don't lean against buildings. 

Unless you want to end up with white paint all over you! Those pretty white buildings need a regular top up of paint. We saw many buildings being repainted white during our Mykonos vacation.

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