Rise of the cat cafe

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Rise of the cat Café 

As far as cat cafes go. I've known about Lady Dinahs cat emporium in Bethnal Green. East London for some years now. But have recently noticed other cat cafes popping up around London.

Cat cafe

Not all cat cafes are the same. Currently there are four cat cafe locations in London. So use this guide to plan ahead.

Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium

Lady Dinahs cat emporium is a two storey cat cafe with a unique. Forest themed space for their free roaming rescue cats. It's an Alice in wonderland vibe. Suitable for guests aged 12 and over. 

Whiskers and cream 

I recently enjoyed a visit to Whiskers and cream. Read the full story about my whiskers and cream visit here.

Whiskers and cream is the only cat cafe to welcome younger children. It's a two storey. North London cafe. With a drink included in your booking fee. Here you can also have afternoon tea and celebrate birthdays.

Java Whiskers 

Java whiskers in West London is a wheelchair friendly cat cafe. Where carers go free. Only children over the age of 10 can visit and the cats at Java Whiskers are available to be adopted. 

Cat cafes

La Maison Du Chat

At La Maison Du Chat in Pimlico. South West London. There's a Vinyasa yoga class. Which takes place on Saturdays and their free roaming cats will be joining you. 

Cat cafe etiquette

When visiting the cat cafe of your choice. Always remember to :
  • Wash your hands before eating
  • Not let cats eat your food or drinks
  • Not wake sleeping cats
  • Not use a Flash when filming or taking photos

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