Making My Own Pasta At The Avenue Cookery School

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I was invited to learn how to make my own ravioli at the avenue cookery school in South London. The venue is clean. Cosy and fun. With disco balls and fairy lights on the ceiling. 

Cooking club

There are group cooking stations. That feature ovens. The perfect pre measured ingredients and all the tools needed. 

The staff members are really friendly. Energetic and passionate. They made the night fun and memorable. With some party music playing in the background and the buzz of everyone chatting away. Drinks in hand.

We enjoyed a professional demonstration, before taking to our cooking units to try and repeat what we had been taught.

I don't usually enjoy cooking but in this environment I had a lot of fun. The end result was ravioli that tasted delicious. With rocket, butter. Pine nuts and truffle cheese to top it all off. Even some yummy Amaretto biscuits and ice cream for dessert served up afterwards.

I left the avenue cookery school enlightened about the process of making good pasta. The desire to one day own my own pasta making machine and with a goody bag of fresh. High end food items in one hand. 

My night at the avenue cookery school proved to me that, you just can't beat the taste of freshly made pasta. 

Even if you're not normally that into cooking like me. I highly recommend attending one of the avenue cookery school sessions. Which take place during the day or evening.

It would be a fun. Less predictable activity dinner for couples, or a group of friends. Work colleagues and families to get involved in.

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