Brunch of dreams at No. Fifty Cheyne

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Brunch of dreams at No. Fifty Cheyne

No fifty Cheyne leads the way as one of London's prettiest buildings. I love hidden gems and this is a non-touristy. Striking blue two storey building. On a peaceful road, overlooking the river Thames. With views out over Chelsea Embankment Gardens and Albert Bridge.
No fifty Cheyne

As if it's brilliant blue design and perfect location weren't enough. No fifty Cheyne is decked in a glorious array of faux flowers throughout spring and summer both inside and out.

I enjoyed a two hour weekend brunch here and was spoilt for choice. With their mouth-watering brunch menu. Available Saturday only.

Brunch in London

After much deliberation. I settled on the chocolate chip pancakes. I did also have my eye on my husbands order of chicken and waffles. So I knew this was going to be one fine Saturday afternoon. 

Hospitality is just as important as the decor here. With a warm reception upon entry and attentive waiting staff throughout our time wining and dining.

50 Cheyne

We were seated upstairs. On plush velvet sofas. With a chandelier and large floral display in the center of the room. One felt like the royal guest that she is! 

Fifty Cheyne is the perfect place to treat yourself or others. With extra add ons available when pre booking. Such as a welcome glass of champagne. Giving you and your guests the vip welcome. Failing that option, you can choose bottomless cocktails and enjoy an unlimited amount of booze during your meal. 

Bottomless brunch

To drink I decided on a blood orange margherita. With homemade blood orange and vanilla syrup. Patron silver tequila. Cointreau and citrus juices. It was a flavoursome choice. With salt flakes on the rim. Further enhancing my taste experience.

Enjoy a grand selection of wines. Champagnes and spirits. As well as cocktails. The hot buttered rum is an interesting cocktail that I'd love to try in the fall.

Best brunch London

All dishes being served up throughout our sitting looked delicious and generously sized and I'm drooling thinking about our impressive brunch. 

Brunch in London

My mountainous stack of fluffy pancakes was beautifully presented. Pancakes sandwiched between layers of whipped, blackberry chantilly cream. Topped with caramelised banana pieces and fresh berries. 

As if that wasn't already perfection. I also had some caramelised Condensed milk custard. Which is a thick. Dulce de leche style sauce to smother the pancakes in!

London brunch

Let's talk chicken waffles. Here everything arrived perfect. With fluffy pancakes. Flavoursome, fresh chicken in golden batter. With crisp onions. Just the right amount of delicious tasting yoghurt. Rose harissa paste and tomato dressing. Not forgetting maple syrup. YUM! 

The two hour reservation is an excellent amount of time. Allowing us to digest and finish our filling brunch. I was full half way through and could have given up, but I'm not a quitter!  

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