The Viral Supreme Croissant Hits London

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The Viral Supreme Croissant Hits London

I'm over the moon about the fact that I too can enjoy this new addition to the croissant - pastry world. 

Thanks to three different bakers! Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm obsessed with a good croissant - click here for my list of London's best croissants and here for all the yummy croissant hybrids available across the city. 

About the supreme croissant 

The viral supreme croissant differs in shape from traditional croissants. 

The supreme is a circular. Cream-filled croissant. Which first made its debute at New York City's Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery in April 2022.
Viral food
Hazlenut and chocolate supreme croissant by Philippe Conticini 
French patissier Philippe Conticini has opened three boutique bakeries in Camden, London. 

Among all his other delicious pastries available. There are supreme croissants in four tempting flavours

On my trip to the Camden High Street cafe. I spotted the pistachio cream and chocolate Hazlenut flavours.

I enjoyed a chocolate Hazlenut supreme croissant. Generously sized. With its buttery. Flaky pastry layers and freshly chopped nuts.

About Philippe Conticini

Philippe Conticini is a French pastry chef who is the owner of several successful bakeries and restaurants.

Born in France in 1965, Philippe Conticini began his career as a pastry chef at the age of 15. 

After working in several Michelin-starred restaurants, he opened his first bakery, "La Pâtisserie des Rêves", in Paris in 2006. 

The bakery quickly became a success, and Conticini went on to open branches in London and Tokyo.

Supreme croissant
Over the years, he has won numerous awards for his pastries and desserts, and he was even named "Pastry Chef of the Year" by Forbes magazine in 2019.

The Sakuro

Not far behind Philippe Conticini is another version of the viral croissant roll here in London - named the “Sakuro”. 

The pastry is the signature of the newly opened KURO Bakery in Notting Hill. The Sakuro comes filled deep with vanilla or chocolate pastry cream. 

I haven't yet tried the Sakuro, so I can't comment on which is my favourite. However I will update this blog once I do. So bookmark this page for later. 

Yeast Cafe and Bakery

Last, but by no means least on this supreme croissant guide to London is one of my all time favourite bakeries. Yeast cafe in Hackney, East London. 

Supreme croissant

With three mouth watering inventions to choose from. Raspberry and crumble with a vanilla cream filling. Chocolate and Hazlenut brownie, with a chocolate cream filling. Or Matcha and almond with white chocolate filling. 

Matcha almond and white chocolate was my favourite of the three. However I would be happy if you bought me any of these delicious pastries. At yeast, they're called the 'cercle swirl' and they all look as good as they taste. 

Just arrive early to avoid disappointment! Yeast are currently open from Wednesday to Sundays. 

If you love croissants as much as I do. Click here to check out my latest blog post about all the unique croissant variants you need in your life and where to find them. 


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