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Purl Cocktail Bar review

Purl is an intimate speak easy that takes you back to the golden era of drinking dens. With live music and fancy cocktails it was the perfect night out. 

Purl London

We headed to our cosy table for two downstairs. Opposite a row of snug alcoves for larger groups. 

To drink, I started with a ball and fizz sweet foam citrus drink. To the backdrop of talented live musicians. 

My next cocktail a "Mr hydes fixer upper" was a two part cocktail. You drink the first part which is a sweet yet strong tasting beverage. Whilst the second part in a bottle finishes smoking. The second part is a sweet. Tangy. Spicier version of the first. There is even a mini cauldron that really smokes and bubbles away for a long time. 

The boogie flamingo cocktail is passion fruit based and arrives in a quirky flamingo cup. 


There's an impressive cocktail option for birthday celebrators at purl. Where a cocktail called the joker arrives with a balloon. Which when heated with a blow torch pops. 

Purl is a lovely bar that I recommend for the sophisticated. Cocktail loving crowd and couple's on a date. 


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