Dinner at the Ivy Asia St Paul's

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Dinner at The Ivy Asia St Paul's

The ivy asia is a super popular. Asian fusion restaurant. Featuring some of the best. Close up views of London monument St Paul's cathedral. 

The Ivy
Mango cocktail 

Our food and drink options were a bit hit and miss. With vegetarian starters. Mains and a dessert ordered at the Ivy Asia. 

The ivy

The restaurant gets super lively. With the energetic buzz of large numbers of people at tables. Plus upbeat music as a backing. The ivy asia has a museum feel to it which works well. 

Ivy Asia
Vegetable tempura

With a giant. Life-sized samurai mannequin. Oriental art work on the walls. Bright. Almost glowing floors. Thanks to a back-lit gemstone floor. Plus intricate design ideas, that even include a sakura tree at one end of the restaurant. 

Ivy St Paul's
Crispy tofu

We ordered quite a few vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes. The crispy Tofu was delicious. 

Ivy Asia St Pauls
Beautiful backlit gemstone floor

The chilli noodles were suprisingly not authentic Asian noodles. Rather spaghetti with quite a plain taste. 

The ivy Asia

The asparagus at the ivy Asia was divine. Whilst the vegetable tempura selection was nice.. but I've had better. 

The ivy asia restaurant
Chilli noodles

I really liked the sesame nori and the avocado crispy sushi. My mango cocktail was ok. 

Asia ivy

Service didn't feel warm and personable here. Instead rather rushed. The automatic blinds at the ivy Asia stayed up only for brief periods a few times during our visit. Because of blinding and quite scorching sun rays. 

So my tip would be to try not to go on the sunniest of days. Unless it's a sunset booking. As you might not get to enjoy the backdrop of St Paul's during your meal. 

Ivy Asia menu
Samurai dessert 

To finish. I enjoyed a chocolate filled dessert named the samurai. Which on first impressions looked like a hot pile of rubble. I tell no lies! 

Upon close inspection you could make out an angry samurai face. The dessert was saved from humiliation by how delicious it tasted. That's why you never judge a book by its cover!  


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