Hotels with jacuzzi in room

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Hotels with jacuzzi in room 

There's just something about vacationing in hotels with your very own. Private. In room hot tub. I should know, as I've had the great fortune of experiencing such a privilege on a number of occasions. 

Hotels with jacuzzi in room
You just can't beat the privacy. The Intimacy and the unrushed time out for yourself.

A luxury hotel room is great. Fantastic even, but hotels with a private jacuzzi are even better! I've always tried to book hotels with private in room jacuzzis. To make the holiday even more enjoyable. However, my expectations were not always met. Some hot tubs were not as advertised. Whilst others more than exceeded my expectations.

In this blog post I'll be looking back over past memories. The good. The bad and the ugly. Plus sharing future dream jacuzzi destinations.


Mykonos was a mixed bag of positive and negative jacuzzi experiences. We moved around in Mykonos and I have one major regret. Made worse by the fact we had saved the worst jacuzzi til last!

Our final stay in Mykonos involved an out of service jacuzzi. Which we were not informed of and had paid extra for. The staff did not apologise or compensate us for the inconvenience in any way!

In fact. They tried to gaslight us regarding their sham of a jacuzzi. By lying and denying any problems. It wasn't clean. It wasn't hot and the jet bubbles would not start. 

We could tell the villa management team were trying to cut a lot of costs and had no passion for their business. 

Thankfully, we had an amazing time at our second hotel on the island. Staying at a luxury hotel. Where the hotel room was one of the best I've ever stayed in so far!

Featuring a private. Outdoor jacuzzi with an amazing sunset view! Not only did we get to enjoy romantic. Sunset hot tub sessions. Our hotel suite even featured a private plunge pool too!

Now. Don't get jealous too soon. As this amazing suite still came with its own share of problems. The jacuzzi could not be enjoyed at the optimum time of sunset. Thanks to the swarm of ruthless mosquitoes that would harass us!

We also booked a jacuzzi suite for our first of three locations in Mykonos, which was average at best. At least we got to enjoy this jacuzzi without any trouble each night. However, it was the sunshine and hilltop views from this location. That were its best feature.

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Cappadocia to be exact is a destination that holds my best memories of hotels with in room Jacuzzis.

Our first of two locations was a luxurious suite. Fit for King and Queen. With a super romantic. Two person hot tub. It's great that this hot tub was inside the room. Rather than outdoors. The best part however, were the accompanying views. 

Our twin jacuzzi was nestled between our king size bed and floor to ceiling windows. Giving us front row views of unique and amazing. Natural rock formations. Including the main attraction of the area. Uchiscar Castle.

We didn't have to worry about being overlooked either. As the windows of our hotel room were mirrored on the outside.

For our final stay in Cappadocia. We continued to feel like royalty, with a stay in a impressive hotel room. Featuring a jacuzzi bathroom with front row views of early morning balloon flights! 

It was certainly an early morning hot tub session I was happy to wake up for.


My most recent in room jacuzzi experiences were in Jamaica.

At a five star resort in Lucea. Our small bathroom managed to incorporate both a free standing shower unit and a jetted bath tub. The jacuzzi was a little bit old and stained. However, it was still a nice added luxury. 

The bathroom at the five star resort in Grand Bahia Principe Also featured a separate shower unit and a tub that was stained. This bathroom was a bit bigger but the jets of the jacuzzi were weak. 

There are still loads of jacuzzi suites I wish to enjoy. With a few on my bucket list that are much closer to home. Here in London and neighbouring cities. 

Check back often, as I'll be revealing my guide to the very best jacuzzi bath hotels in London. 

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