Disappointing Ann Summers Fragrance Haul

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Disappointing Ann Summers fragrance haul

My recent ann summers fragrance haul was quite disappointing. I know I normally try to keep things positive on this blog, but I thought I'd share my review of some Ann Summers fragrances for those in the UK that may be considering purchasing any. 

Ann summers

I purchased the whole aphrodisiac range of products. Consisting of a perfume and body lotion gift set. 

Bath salts infused with pheromones and a perfumed laundry pouch. Designed to add some aphrodisiac fragrance to my lingerie drawer.

Pheromones for those who don't know are similar to hormones and added to products are designed to stimulate arousal in the opposite sex. 

The aphrodisiac body lotion smells different to the perfume. The smell is weak. Unpleasant and quite unnatural smelling. Then there's the fact that it doesn't moisturise well.

The aphrodisiac perfume is quite a pleasant scent but again it's very weak. To me it seems more like an Eau de toilette. 

I also purchased an aurora gold mini travel set. Containing the aurora gold body mist fragrance. A mini lotion and bronzing body oil. 

Ann summers perfume

The mini lotion bottle looks pretty. That's about it. The bronzing oil has some lovely golden shimmering specks, but no noticeable fragrance and the body mist smells nice but it's easily forgettable. 

I bought the tempt and intent fragrances in rollerball formats. Intent is a gorgeous smelling dupe of Thierry mugler Alien. 

It's all inexpensive stuff. And it shows! The whole collection is better suited to teens and tweens in my humble opinion. Think I'll be sticking to my luxury brands in the future. Because luxury perfumes always have more depth to them.

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