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The marshmallowist

Always on the lookout for great food and drink to indulge in and blog about. I came across the marshmallowist. 

Luxury teacakes

The marshmallowist is the first gourmet teacakes and marshmallow company of its kind. It's an excellent concept. For those seeking out some uniquely upgraded sweet treats. 

These gourmet treats are perfect for entertaining or giving as a unique gift. The marshmallows are impressively handcrafted. SoufflĂ© with fruits. Organic herbs and boutique alcohol. Plus vegan options are available. 

I ordered a range of luxury marshmallow flavours and an assortment box of marshmallowist gourmet teacakes. 

The gourmet marshmallows by the marshmallowist are big. Fluffy cubes that look. Smell and taste delicious.

The dark chocolate marshmallows smell and taste divine and each marshmallow is coated in flaked. Crumbed chocolate pieces. 

While passion fruit and ginger marshmallows have caramelised ginger chunks on them. Adding a tasty. Sweet crunch and perfect amount of spice to the passion fruit flavour marshmallows. 

Marsh mallows
Gourmet marshmallows 

As for the teacakes. Can we say edible art! Each teacake has its own unique. Colourful. Hand-painted abstract design. With dark. Milk and white chocolate cakes housed in a chic box. 

I liked them all, but my favourite was the classic jam teacake. Featuring a white chocolate shell. Delicate biscuit base. Tangy jam and soft fluffy marshmallow filling. 

I also bought a box of luxury champagne and raspberry marshmallows. The perfect celebratory treat. With other interesting flavours available to purchase online. Like their cbd and grapefruit mallows. 

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