Cookies from creme

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Cookies from creme 

I honestly had no real expectations when I ordered some cookies from creme on D'Arblay street in London Soho. So I'm grateful to creme for impressing my taste buds.

Creme is a cute little cookie shop with a small seating area. Hot and cold beverages available to order. With a selection of cookies. Including vegan options. 

Crème London
Creme also do affogato with cookies and a small range of ice cream flavours. When I bit into a miso and White chocolate cookie. It was love at First bite.

Crème cookies
The cookies at creme are large and filling. With the perfect crunchy outside and chewy inside. White chocolate and miso is a delicious combination of sweet and slightly savoury. Thanks to the miso.

London cookies

All four cookies currently being sold at Creme taste different. Yet equally delicious! I can't even choose a favourite. It just depends on what I'm in the mood for. 

Banana and dark chocolate chip are so good. The ingredients work really well together. Traditional milk chocolate melts in the mouth and vegan double chocolate is just right. 

I recommend trying all four flavours because I didn't regret doing so. 

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