Mermaid Meals in London

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Mermaid meals in London

Are you obsessed with mermaids ever since the little mermaid remake came out this summer? 

Perhaps you're wondering if there are any for fun food and drink destinations fit for a mermaid? If so, look no further than this blog post. 


Taiyakiya is a Japanese ice cream parlour in West London, with delicious and unique soft serve icecream flavours. Fish shaped cakes and icecream served in a fish shaped cake.


There's even a delicious mermaid themed icecream available. With a black charcoal icecream cone. Mermaid fin shaped sweet. Candy pearls and edible sea shells included. 

On my first visit I enjoyed an icecream in a fish shaped cake. The unique sesame flavour soft serve icecream was incredible. 

On my second visit I enjoyed the mermaid themed cone, with perfectly matching blue coloured icecream in the flavour of Japanese cream soda. 

Drake and Morgan

A full under sea themed menu is available to enjoy from Drake and Morgans sea themed restaurants across London this summer. With cocktails and courses fit for a mermaid. 
Mermaid themed restaurant

Sexy Fish

Go for dinner or drinks at one of London's most popular restaurants. Sexy fish a high end Mayfair establishment with a nautical theme. Even has a giant mermaid statue at the bar! 

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