The fragrance shop beach party

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The fragrance shop beach party 

I was invited to a vip press event for the fragrance shop, who held a beach party in London to kick off the month of August 2023

There might not be any beaches in London. Nor reliable beach weather, but we're not gonna let a minor details like that stop us! 

The fragrance shop

The Venue

Held at the Fulham beach club in London. With influencers and celebrity guest attendees from the world of music. Television. Fashion and beauty. 

Neverland London becomes Fulham beach club from April to September. This riverside rooftop is complete with sand. Deck chairs. Beach huts. Cabanas and day beds. With themed indoor spaces to shelter you from the rain.
Gorgeous Michael Kors

My Experience 

The day was as wet and grey as it gets in London, but you know a party is great when the weather doesn't spoil the event! 

The entrance leading to the beach party was the cutest thing ever. With perfect attention to detail. Hanging shells and a tunnel of colourful beach hut borders paving the way to the fragrance shop beach party to end all beach parties

The fragrance shop beach party

Inside at Fulham beach club the roof is designed to look like pretty coral reef and there was a quick stop for some official fragrance shop press pictures in front of a press wall. 

What I wore

I chose to be daring and play dress up by wearing a two piece metallic mermaid costume. I was a bit apprehensive about it, but in the end I was glad I chose to go all out. As the event was perfect for such attire.


Next, I took some more pictures inside a photo booth. Filled with beach themed props. Courtesy of scent addict. 

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Over at the Barbour fragrance stand was the chance to answer a questionnaire to test whether guests know which scents are used in top middle and base notes of perfumes.

Guests with successfully filled forms win a prize.

Barbour invite you to embark on a journey to the wild shores of Great Britain with Barbour Coastal for Him Eau de Parfum and for her. 

The dark blue bottle for him is an uplifting citrus that pairs with gingery and cinnamon nuances for a fragrant experience. 

A mix of blooms, balsamic touches, luscious sandalwood and ambers make this scent an ideal gift for someone special or a delightful treat just for you.

Barbour Coastal for her takes you on a trip to the Northumberland coast. Enjoy its unique mix of bitter orange, lemon, mandarin, solar florals, cedarwood, moss and balsamic notes.

Pan ice

After the Barbour fragrance quiz, I tried Pan ice for the first time at the fragrance shop beach party. It was interesting to watch how pan ice is made. 

Fresh milk and your choice of ingredients are mashed together on a metal tray that freezes the ingredients upon contact. 

As the ingredients solidify into icecream. The pan ice is flattened and folded before being rolled into icecream spirals and served in a cup. I chose 'my kinder' flavour. With white chocolate and kinder bueno, which was one of four available flavours. 

Pan ice

Other pan ice flavours to choose from were : 'a few of your five a day'. Which contains strawberry and banana. 'You know you want it'. A Nutella and oreo combination. With the option of replacing Nutella with vego spread. 'Beautiful biscoff' was the final flavour with lotus Biscoff and Biscoff spread. 

The Dj played the perfect mix of party bangers for the entirety of the event. From a central booth location with a neon sign that read "spray a little happiness". 

Michael Kors Gorgeous 

Over at a Michael Kors fragrance stand was the opportunity to write my own positive affirmation and take a Polaroid with the end result. 

I chose the phrase 'Be YOU tiful'. A phrase that perfectly fits their perfume - Michael Kors gorgeous. Which was on display to sample. Along with delicious mini cupcakes branded to celebrate the perfume and spirit of femininity. 

Gorgeous Michael Kors

Michael Kors gorgeous is a stunning floral, woody musk scent for women with a touch of tobacco. Launched in 2021 as a celebration of women and the confident female spirit. 

I love to wear this fragrance during the day and sometimes at night, as a spring time and summery scent. The bottle is minimalistic by design, yet its sleek. Simple look oozes class and style. 

About Michael Kors

Michael Kors' enthusiasm for fashion was evident from an early age; when he was five, he offered advice to his mother on her wedding dress. His passion for design spurred him to open his own boutique, aptly named Iron Butterfly, where he sold customised and self-designed pieces.

Michael Kors gorgeous parfum

Michael David Kors, born Karl Anderson Jr., is a renowned American fashion designer and the chief creative officer of his namesake label. 

He designs for both men and women, producing ready-to-wear clothing and accessories such as watches, jewelry, footwear, and scent. 

Before setting up his own brand in 2003, Kors was the first to work on a line of women's ready-to-wear apparel for the French house Celine in 1997.

Boss bottled 

It made perfect sense to see a Hugo boss bottled pacific display at the beach party. It's an Eau de toilette for him, and an invitation to dive into summer. With a coconut lemon and salt infusion. 

Newly launched for the summer of 2023 with Chris Hemsworth as the face of boss bottled parfum. A limited edition evening fragrance ready to set pulses racing. 

Boss bottled pacific is the colour of a glowing blue lagoon.  With Cedrat and Lemon top notes. Mid notes of Coconut, Cypress and Salt and Base notes of Cashmere, Patchouli and Sandalwood. 

About Hugo boss

Hugo Boss, more commonly known as BOSS, is an iconic fashion brand and house founded in 1924 and based in Metzingen, Germany. 

The company specializes in clothing, accessories, footwear, and fragrances and is one of the leading fashion companies of the country, with €2.9 billion in sales in 2019.

Perfect by Marc Jacobs 

Next was a spin the wheel opportunity at the Marc Jacobs stand where you could win samples. Lose or win a full sized Eau de parfum. 

Marc Jacobs perfect

I'm happy to report that I won a full sized bottle of Perfect intense by Marc Jacobs and that really got me in the partying mood. 

Perfect intense was first released in 2021. The golden colored fragrance is captured in a cute bottle adorned with a bow and charms in the initials M and J. 

I notice an aroma of honey as soon as it is sprayed. Upon dry down becoming less sweet and the delightful scent of jasmine is noticeable for me. 

Perfect intense by Marc Jacobs is a love letter written in golden ink, Perfect Intense Marc Jacobs is an exuberant and identity-affirming Eau de Parfum for her. 

Its floral scent is accented with nutty notes, creating a designer perfume that is both multidimensional and multifaceted. An olfactory expression of the true you!

This bold and empowering eau de parfum for women is a fragrant statement that celebrates the unique qualities that make you beautiful in all your uniqueness – a sentiment echoed by Marc Jacobs' inspiring hashtag, #PerfectAsIAm.

This delightful scent immediately captivates the senses. Its creamy night-blooming jasmine is complemented by honeyed daffodil to create a solar bouquet. 

Roasted almonds enter the heart, providing an aromatic nuttiness and a pinch of pink pepper adds a lively touch. 

The base note is a warm combination of sesame oil, cashmeran and sandalwood that lingers to give a cozy, woody texture that envelops you with each spritz.

Intriguing and moreish, Perfect Intense Marc Jacobs teases with the promise of a gourmand-style delicacy. 

It tantalises then veers away, keeping you intrigued as it juxtaposes vivid light and velvety darkness in an aroma that echoes your own uniqueness and nuances. Unforgettable and impossible to resist.

Perfect intense Marc Jacobs is a luxurious way to express yourself, an enriching gold scent presented in a whimsical bottle and topped with a bevy of lucky charms: tiny bits of Marc Jacobs himself for you to relish.

About Marc Jacobs 

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs is the head designer for his own fashion label, Marc Jacobs, and formerly Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Born in New York, Marc Jacobs was the creative director of the French design house Louis Vuitton from 1997 to 2014.

Rays of sunshine children's charity

Next stop was to make some flower crowns with the rays of sunshine children's charity. They do incredible work granting wishes of critically ill children. Please do visit their site here at Rays of sunshine and give what you can. 

Flower crown

Tash and Ellis 

After applying my flower crown I thought my mermaid look was definitely complete but clearly I was wrong. The true finishing touch happened when I sat in the chair over at tash and ellis's who gave this mermaid a glitter and embellishment glow up! 

Mermaid makeup

It was thirsty work so I headed to the bar and checked out the Korres display along the way. With both their skincare and fragrance range on display. Cute Korres windmills were the finishing touch to tie in with the fragrance shop beach party theme. 


Korres is a natural Greek perfume and beauty brand with skincare and beauty products inspired by homeopathic remedies.

Founded in 1996 in Athens by pharmacist Georgios Korres from the island of Naxos.
Korres harvest plants and flowers that have grown in the wilds of Greece for thousands of years.


With more than 10 Eau de toilette fragrances in their range. All free from alcohol and phthalates. An expert was on hand to explain all products on display and provide samples. 

Next, I was interviewed for the official fragrance shop channel. In which I was asked what one beauty product would I bring on a stranded dessert island. 

Can you guess my reply?.. PERFUME! 

It seems cliche to say but that is my honest answer. I'm more obsessed with aromatherapy then skincare and makeup. A nice smell can really lift my mood. 

Sienna Tan

Sienna tan also held a spin the wheel prize giveaway, in which I was on a lucky streak as I actually won! 

Their thoughtful gift bag contained chocolate. A full size self tan clear water mousse, plus a mitt for mess free application. It develops in 8 hours and lasts 5-7 days. 

Sienna tan is founded by a former air hostess who decided to help everyone look and feel their best in the most natural way possible. 


After some delicious food I got my makeup touched up over at the Lancome beauty counter. After a shimmering pink gloss application, I walked away with a gift box containing some youth activating serum. 

A travel size 'la Vie este belle' perfume and mini mascara. Plus a lancome rouge beauty bag. 

Institut esthederm Paris 

I also received a one on one product demonstration of the 1st ever serum said to slow down ageing by an incredible 49%! The product is age proteom by institut esthederm. A luxury skincare brand out of Paris. 

This brand promises to offer at-home skincare that mimics aesthetic professional treatments. With powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic. Retinol and propolis. Results can be seen in weeks. 

Jean Paul Gaultier 

The classic Cologne that is Jean Paul Gaultier came complete with a display that included living sailors dressed just like the iconic sailor shaped bottles themselves. A mermaid simply wouldn't pass by without taking a picture with a sailor! 

Jean Paul Gaultier

As a cult classic, the JPG Fragrance bottle captivates one's senses with its fresh and reassuring notes of mint and lavender, followed by an indulgent journey through vanilla. 

Le male elixir is the newest creation from Jean Paul Gaultier. Brand new for 2023 it's described as his strongest, most intense smelling parfum for men yet. 

About Jean Paul Gaultier 

Jean Paul Gaultier became an internationally recognised fashion designer when he designed the costumes for Madonna's Blond Ambition tour in 1990. The conical bras and basques he created for her now rank among some of the most iconic designs in history. 

Paco Rabanne 

My favourite fragrance of the night had to be 1 million Royal for him and lady million Royal for her. It's the brand new Paco Rabanne fragrance and as I've always loved lady million. It's no surprise that I'm in love with royal.

The sweet, captivating scent of both of these masculine and feminine perfumes is something I find intoxicating. Each Cologne is just as extravert as the vibrant gold bottle it's contained in. 

Not content with a number of super successful fragrances under his belt. Rabanne will launch a makeup line towards the end of the month. 

Paco Rabanne million

I left a busy, fun filled event with a goody bag, generously filled with truly amazing products from the brands on display. 

As well as the prizes I won from Marc Jacobs and Sienna tan. Plus my lancome gifts, I also received micellar water makeup remover by bioderma. 

Rockin rose glitter and glow eyeshadow by stila. Full sized parfums from Barbour. Boss. Michael Kors and Paco Rabanne. 

Poreless skin cream and a white tea roller fragrance by korres. Intensive retinol serum from insitut esthederm Paris. A beauty brush from Lancome and a rosehip cream cleanser by Triology. 

Ella Barnes Love Island

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The fragrance shop beach party

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