The 1 thing you should NOT do in Seville

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The 1 thing you should NOT do in Seville 

If there's one thing you should not do when visiting Seville, it's wait until 4pm to eat! 

Learn from this mistake that we made on our first day in the city. Seville almost comes to a standstill between the hours of four pm and 8pm. Restaurants close at four and reopen at 8pm for what some might class as a late dinner. 

We had planned on trying Toro burger - rated the number one burger of Spain. 
Unfortunately by 3.30pm when we finally started to feel hungry it was too late to order. 

We couldn't wait until Toro burger reopened at 8pm. As we had dinner booked at Maquiavelo for 9.30pm.

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So I assumed I would be able to order roomservice. However, to my surprise orders were not being taken for the next four hours! Luckily a convenience store was minutes away from our hotel where we could pick up a few snacks. 

On our last day in Seville we arrived at a restaurant 30 minutes before their listed closing time and they were no longer taking orders. So be mindful to arrive at any cafes. Bars and restaurants at least an hour before siesta time. 

I had heard of the Spanish siesta time, which to my knowledge used to fall at 2pm. Siesta means “sixth hour” and has been used to indicate the period of time in the day when shops in Spain and other hot climates would close for a few hours in the afternoon . This closing allowed for people to eat, rest, and escape the heat. 

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