Cocktails at Coupette

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Cocktails at Coupette 

I visited Coupette in Bethnal Green on a Wednesday to try their live music cocktail menu. 


Coupette is a speakeasy style bar with the perfect balance of edginess and sophistication. We headed there for a late night eating and drinking session as a final hoorah before a short break in Seville.

We were treated to live music from a pianist, at the intimately lit bar. She sang some popular songs that went down well with the crowd.

It's great that Coupette have live music most evenings. With a welcoming bar area for solo visitors and table service for those in small groups or couples.

We ordered some succulent burgers from the food menu, to accompany our drinks. I enjoyed the fizzy fiesta cocktail which features ingredients like tequila and apricot. 

Mama Mia, with the perfect balance of sweet and sour was my favourite cocktail from the menu, but it was a close call! 

Coupette bar

Every cocktail went down a treat. So it's no wonder Coupette have been awarded one of the world's top 50 bars! 

The bartenders at Coupette experiment and push the boundaries with their ever-changing cocktail menu. Made with a fusion of the finest spirits and local ingredients. 

Coupette have been serving the community since 2017 when their doors first opened. With a number of interesting cocktails on their menu. Their current main cocktail menu offerings are inspired by Street art and include some interesting sounding options.

'Nuts for nuts' which as the name implies is heavy on nutty ingredients. The 'crème brulee old fashioned' sounds like a drink I would thoroughly enjoy. 

I'm happy to declare that Coupette also do brunch! And I'm already planning my brunch visit. As the menu sounds too good to pass up.

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