Your complete guide to Mermaidcore

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Your complete guide to mermaidcore

Welcome to the enchanting world of mermaidcore, where shimmering scales and iridescent hues come together to create a truly magical beach party look. 

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If you've ever dreamed of channeling your inner sea siren and making waves wherever you go, then this article is for you!

Mermaidcore is all about embracing your wild side, immersing yourself in ocean-inspired fashion, and throwing the most epic beach bash imaginable. 

Mermaidcore is a trend that will immerse you in an aquatic wonderland. Leave the mundane day-to-day behind and let these mystical creatures transport you into their captivating, alluring world. 

From shimmering seashell props to clothing with a mermaid-inspired feel, this trend is all about submerging yourself in something magical.

So get ready to dive deep into the realm of mermaidcore as we explore how to achieve the perfect mermaid aesthetic. 

Discover the best beaches for a splash-tastic celebration, indulge in delectable marine-themed treats, and even learn how to craft your own tail-flipping costume. 

Ready to dive into the trend of the moment? With 'The Little Mermaid' released on May 26th 2023, it has inspired the biggest names in fashion to offer a summer dedicated to seashells and seashores. 

We're talking peak mermaidcore! The marine world is yours to explore!

Get ready to make a splash with my ultimate guide to rocking the mesmerizing mermaidcore beach party look!

What is mermaidcore?

Mermaidcore is a whimsical and fantastical fashion trend that takes inspiration from the mythical creatures of the sea - mermaids

It's all about embracing your inner ocean goddess and infusing your style with shimmering iridescence, vibrant colors, and elements reminiscent of underwater life.

At its core, mermaidcore is about creating an ethereal look that captures the essence of these mystical beings. 

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Seaworthy style is currently taking the sartorial world by storm. It's clear that fashion is being impacted by the ocean - with inspirations visibly ebbing and flowing.

We take in the sight of a legendary creature: the mermaid, with half human and half fish features, making an appearance on the runways. 

Ludovic de Saint Sernin's Spring-Summer 2023 exemplifies this perfectly, with models sporting wet hair and slinking garments glimmering in sequins.

Think flowing dresses in shades of aqua blue or seafoam green, adorned with sequins or pearls to mimic the glistening scales of a mermaid's tail. 

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The sea 

The ocean is a vast, deep expanse of blue. Its color is a mesmerizing blue hue that can never be replicated. It's an incredible sight every time you witness it, and there's no denying the beauty of its depths.

The hue of choice for mermaidcore in 2023? None other than blue - in its various forms like the deep ocean and sunny summer seas. 

Unsurprisingly, this wave of azure has stretched out onto the runways of fashion's biggest names: Coperni and Rotate just to name a few!

Accessories such as seashell-shaped jewelry, starfish hairpins, and even holographic makeup can elevate your mermaid aesthetic.

Dive in and let the shimmering hues of sunrays hug you! Sequins, mesh and airy fabrics depict these captivating colors better than any words can do justice. Become a water nymph and set the night ablaze with your style!


The pearl is an integral part of the underwater realm and its wealth, often showcased as a lovely treasure. 

It can be found adorning a necklace, gracing earlobes or circling wrists. While also being used to embellish bags and transform them into dazzling treasure chests.

Germanier's designs have attained a high level of popularity as they offer the perfect balance between mermaidcore chic and daringness. 

His accessories, which feature multi-coloured sequins, are certain to give any ensembles that hint of sophistication. Pearl details provide the finishing touch to these extravagant bags.

Seashells and starfish 

If you don't feel the need to go completely mermaid for your everyday look, seashell jewellery is a great option to bring that coastal vibe into your style. 

From earrings with swirling shells, to bracelets featuring holographic reflections, seashell jewellery is the perfect way to make a statement and pay homage to the sea.

Seashell decor
But it doesn't stop at clothing and accessories; mermaidcore extends beyond just fashion. It encompasses a whole lifestyle centered around embracing nature's watery wonders. 

From decorating your living space with shells and coral-inspired accents to incorporating marine-themed elements into your party decor, there are endless ways to immerse yourself in this enchanting trend.

Mermaidcore celebrates individuality and encourages self-expression through unique styles that reflect our connection to the oceans. 

So whether you're attending a beach party or simply seeking some whimsy in everyday life, dive headfirst into the magical world of mermaidcore – where dreams become reality amidst waves of creativity!

History of the mermaid 

Mythology gives us two stories surrounding the mermaid figure: the Scandinavian tale of a creature from the sea, and the Greek one in which the siren is half woman, half bird.

Although their forms may differ, their purpose remains unchanged: they are tasked with luring sailors to a watery grave. The popular image of The Little Mermaid conveys a more benign version than those we traditionally encounter.

Behind these dismal fates, an allure for mermaids and their realms has grown over time to uphold a vision of a mystical enchanting entity. 

In the 19th-century, Andersen's fairy tale sparked imaginations, followed by Disney's classic The Little Mermaid who left an indelible mark on many young girls around the globe. 

Ariel's story has kindled numerous underwater daydreams; after all, her closest companions are a fish and crab!

In various interpretations of the myth, the mermaid always has a magical quality. 

Take Splash (1984), for instance, in which Tom Hanks falls madly in love with the mermaid; on dry land she appears as a young woman with two legs, but just a few drops of water make her tail sparkle in delight!

Spread the word - mermaidcore is made for social media, and TikTok has been taken over by the trend. 

With Halle Bailey's Disney film performance further fueling excitement, there's no doubt we need more mermaidcore!

How to get the mermaidcore look

If you're looking to channel your inner mermaid and rock the mermaidcore look, you've come to the right place! 

Mermaidcore is all about embracing a whimsical and ethereal aesthetic inspired by the beauty of the ocean. Here are some tips on how to achieve this enchanting style.

Let's talk about colors. Mermaidcore is characterized by vibrant hues like ocean blues, sea greens, and shimmering iridescent shades. 

Incorporate these colors into your outfit through flowy dresses or skirts with sequins or holographic details. Don't forget to add some seashell accessories for that extra touch of magic!

Mermaidcore makeup

Next up is makeup. Achieve a radiant and otherworldly glow with pearlescent highlighters or glittery eyeshadows in aquatic tones. 

Experiment with shimmery pastel lipsticks or even try out a temporary watercolor hair dye in shades of turquoise or lavender.

When it comes to footwear, opt for sandals adorned with shells or pearls, or embrace barefoot beach vibes as you soak up the sun.

Complete your mermaidcore look with accessories like shell-shaped sunglasses, statement seashell earrings, and delicate anklets adorned with starfish charms.

Remember that there are no set rules when it comes to mermaidcore – it's all about embracing your individuality and having fun while expressing yourself through fashion! So go ahead and dive into this magical trend at your next beach party!

The best beaches for a mermaidcore party

The beach is the perfect backdrop for a mermaidcore party, with its shimmering waves and sandy shores. If you're looking to throw the ultimate mermaid-inspired bash, here are some of the best beaches where you can bring your mermaid dreams to life.

1. Maldives: With its crystal-clear turquoise waters and white sand beaches, the Maldives is like stepping into a real-life mermaid paradise. The vibrant coral reefs provide an enchanting underwater world for exploring, while luxurious resorts offer stunning views and amenities for your party guests.

2. Bali: Known for its breathtaking beauty, Bali offers picturesque beaches that will make any mermaid's heart skip a beat. From famous spots like Kuta Beach to hidden gems like Nusa Dua, you'll find plenty of options to set up your dreamy mermaidcore scene.

3. Bora Bora: This French Polynesian island is synonymous with luxury and romance. Its iconic overwater bungalows and pristine beaches surrounded by lush greenery create an idyllic setting for a magical mermaidcore celebration.

4. Ibiza: For those seeking a more vibrant and energetic atmosphere, Ibiza's legendary beach clubs are the place to be. Dance under starry skies as the ocean breeze sweeps through your hair – it's pure mermaid magic!

5. Cancun: With its stunning turquoise waters and powdery white sands, Cancun in Mexico provides another fantastic location for a memorable mermaid party. 

What to eat and drink at a mermaidcore beach party

One of the most exciting aspects of a mermaidcore beach party is the opportunity to indulge in delicious and refreshing treats that perfectly complement the theme. Here's a guide on what to eat and drink at your next mermaidcore extravaganza!

First up, let's talk about drinks. To truly embrace the mermaid spirit, opt for colorful concoctions that resemble underwater wonders. 

Prepare some vibrant blue lemonade infused with butterfly pea flower tea or create a tropical paradise with fruity mocktails garnished with edible flowers. For an added touch of whimsy, serve them in seashell-shaped glasses or add shimmering edible glitter.

When it comes to food, think light bites and seafood delights! Set up a grazing table filled with platters of fresh fruits like juicy watermelon slices and succulent pineapple chunks. 

For savory options, consider serving mini crab cakes or shrimp skewers drizzled with zesty lime aioli.

Don't forget about sweets! Mermaids have a sweet tooth too, so offer guests an array of pastel-colored macarons, sea-inspired cupcakes adorned with fondant seashells, and perhaps even some homemade cotton candy clouds.

To cater to dietary restrictions or preferences, include vegan and gluten-free options such as seaweed salad rolls or grilled vegetable skewers marinated in tangy citrus dressing.

Remember to decorate your food station accordingly – sprinkle edible pearls over desserts for an extra touch of oceanic elegance!

Beach party food
Edible mermaid fins

By offering delectable dishes inspired by the sea alongside enchanting beverages fit for underwater royalty at your mermaidcore beach party, you're sure to make waves among your guests! So dive in headfirst and let the culinary adventure begin!

How to make your own mermaidcore costume

Are you ready to dive into the enchanting world of mermaidcore? One of the most thrilling aspects of this trend is creating your own mermaid-inspired costume. 

Get ready to unleash your creativity and make a splash at your next beach party with a one-of-a-kind mermaidcore look!

Start by selecting a base for your costume - think shimmery fabrics in shades of blues, greens, or iridescent hues. A flowy maxi skirt or tail-like leggings can serve as the foundation for your fishy transformation.

Pair it with a crop top adorned with seashells, sequins, or even faux pearls to capture that whimsical underwater vibe.

Accessories are key in completing your mermaidcore ensemble. Headbands adorned with starfish or shells add an ethereal touch to any hairstyle. 

Layer delicate necklaces featuring seashell charms and ocean-inspired pendants for added glamour.

Don't forget about makeup! Channel the beauty of the sea with shimmering eyeshadows in metallic blues and greens.

Add some sparkle using glitter eyeliner or highlighter on cheekbones and collarbones for an otherworldly glow.

To take it up a notch, create scales using body paint or adhesive stickers strategically placed on arms, legs, and even face if desired. Experiment with different textures like holographic foils or sequins for extra dimension.

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to mermaidcore fashion - let your imagination run wild! Mix and match colors and textures that speak to you personally.

Now that you have all the ingredients for a fabulous mermaidcore costume, get ready to make waves at any beach party!


In this article, we have explored the enchanting world of mermaidcore and how to create the perfect beach party look.

Mermaidcore is all about embracing your inner sea goddess and channeling those magical vibes. With a little creativity and some essential elements, you can transform yourself into a mesmerizing mermaid.

To achieve the mermaidcore look, start with a shimmering outfit inspired by the colors of the ocean. Add accessories like seashell crowns, sparkling jewelry, and iridescent makeup to complete your transformation.

Don't forget to style your hair in loose waves or braids for that ethereal touch.

When it comes to hosting a mermaidcore beach party, choose beaches with crystal clear waters and sandy shores that provide an idyllic backdrop for your underwater adventure. 

Whether it's Maldives' breathtaking beaches or Hawaii's tropical paradise, pick a location that will transport you straight into a mythical realm.

No beach party is complete without delicious treats! Make sure to include seafood dishes like shrimp skewers or grilled fish tacos on your menu. 

For refreshing beverages, serve colorful mocktails garnished with edible glitter or adorned with fruity umbrellas – they will surely make everyone feel like they're sipping from an enchanted potion!

If you want to take things up a notch and truly dive into the mermaid spirit, why not make your own costume? Use shells collected from previous beach trips as embellishments on bikinis. In your hair or create stunning fins using fabric or sequins.

Let your imagination run wild as you design unique pieces that reflect your personal 

Embracing mermaidcore allows us to tap into our whimsical side while celebrating the beauty of nature's treasures. 

By following these tips and creating our own magical worlds at the beach, we can experience unforgettable moments filled with joy and wonderment.

So go ahead; let out your inner merperson at your next beach party and make a splash with your mermaidcore look!

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