Candlelit caves at London's oldest wine bar

The candlelit caves of London's oldest wine bar

Did you know that romantic caves exist in London? 

I enjoyed the most romantic date inside underground caves at the oldest wine bar in London. With no windows in the caves each table was romantically lit by candlelight. It literally feels like you're worlds away from the big city down here.

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The caves I mention are in Gordon's, London's oldest wine bar on Villiers Street in West London. Situated just moments away from Embankment underground station and Charing Cross rail station. 

Gordon's don't take reservations so just turn up during opening hours and enjoy a glass or two in their caves whenever you're ready. 

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As you descend down you'll notice a museum of news clippings and preserved photographs on the walls. To include Famous historical faces. 

Besides the old world bar are the caves. So snug are the cave ceilings that we had to really crouch to get into our seats. We noticed the waiting staff are all a certain height so that they can serve the guests here comfortably! 

I liked it so much that I can't wait to go back. Gordon's Wine Bar has been safely placed on my list of top London date locations!

There's also an outdoor terrace upstairs and there was a big queue on the Saturday night in summer when we visited. The terrace is suitable all year as stated on their website. 

Gordon's Wine list includes champagne and sparkling wine. Rosé. Natural wines and non alcoholic wines. There are also sherries. From bottle or barrel. Ports from the wood and bottles. Madeiras and dessert wine. 

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Their largest wine selection is made up of red and white wines. With close to thirty white wines and twenty five reds to choose from. 

You can expect to savour wine from England (sparkling). France, Spain, Italy, Sicily, Germany, New Zealand, Hungary, Chile, Argentina and South Africa. 

The wine list doesn't stop there. With a qr code on the menu to include premium and special wines such as honey wine - also known as mead. 

Plus a bottle of wine originating from Greece. These special wines are available by the bottle only. 

To drink we both tried some ports, the messias pink port - chilled and a sweet white port. 
The cheese selection is impeccable here. With three categories and a total of twenty cheeses. Rated hard, medium or soft. 

All cheese boards arrive with freshly baked French baguette and butter. Just choose how many slices you'd like. Quince jelly. Fresh pickles and chutney is also provided. 

The black truffle cheese we chose is an Emmental from Switzerland. It tadted so good. Paired with the crunchy, sour pickles. Sweet quince jelly and chutney. 

We also chose a smoked comte from France. This is a smoky, subtly sweet hard cheese from the hard cheese section.

Gordon's Wine Bar is a 19th-century wine bar in candlelit, vaulted cellars with original Dickensian-style decor.

Along with cheese plates on the food menu are meat boards. Cold plates with salad and mezze sharing boards. Gift vouchers can be purchased directly online. Including brunch. 

130 years wine and cheese tasting experience

To celebrate their 130 year anniversary Gordon's have crafted a specially curated flight of five wines and five cheese pairings.

In keeping with family tradition they've brought together their oldest and still family run wine growers to offer a great selection and perfect experience for two. 

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This self-guided tasting can be enjoyed on their terrace or in their famous candlelit cave, where you'll soak up an ambience like no other. 

The 130 Years Wine and Cheese Tasting includes 2x five (10 in total) flights of wine of 100ml each and 5 cheeses of 50g each:

1) Delgado Zuleta Fino Sherry paired with Manchego
2) Château de L'Hestrange Chardonnay paired with Chevre
3) Grover VA Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz blend paired with Gruyere
4) Domus-Picta Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut paired with Saint Nectaire
5) Messias Gordon's Ruby Port paired with Stilton

About Gordon's Wine Bar 

Established in 1890, Gordon's has long been considered the oldest wine bar in London, and remains a true family establishment. Wendy Gordon owns the bar, and is married to the late Luis Gordon; their son Simon now oversees operations. 

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Joao runs a staff of longtime bar employees, while Amanda works behind the scenes to manage the business. Guided by customer feedback, they keep the décor true to its original form. 

Complete with outdoor seating on Watergate Walk - and serve only wine, port, and sherry accompanied by traditional dishes priced fairly according to industry standards.

Angus 'staff' Gordon

Gordon's wine bar was founded in 1890 by Free Vintner. After him, his son and grandson - both named Gordon - ran the business. Angus Stafford Junior was welcomed to the bar in March 2009 after he brought some old photos of the family. 

Some of the pictures have been put up on display in the bar for all to see. Interestingly, Gordon's grandson had worked at the bar during his youth but eventually decided to pursue acting as a profession, something he thoroughly enjoyed.

Luis Gordon

In 1972, Luis bought Gordon's from Staff Gordon, who had no familial ties to him. The previous chairman of the shippers of sherry was the exclusive Domecq importer to Britain for over two centuries.

Luis was the father of six children, many of whom worked at the bar he owned. His voice was deep and distinctive, as was his enthusiasm. 

After spending a lifetime in the wine industry, Luis bought this historic tavern and maintained its historic atmosphere for 30 years - from the variety of wines to the old oak casks and other memorabilia to even leaving the cobwebs after its lengthy refurbishment. 

The tradition of preserving the legacy of this bar will continue on through his family who have taken over ownership.

Following the passing of Luis in 2002, Wendy assumed ownership of the bar with Simon taking over the management.

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