The hidden jungle playground for adults

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The hidden jungle playground for adults in Seville

My experience 

My first evening in Seville was spent enjoying the many delights at Maquiavelo. This popular live entertainment restaurant is like a hidden luxury jungle paradise in Sevilla, Spain. 

During my 2023 summer couples only vacation, we got to enjoy a fun filled evening at Macquiavelo, where I'm happy to announce that my expectations were exceeded.

Maquiavelo Sevilla

Dinner reservations for all restaurants in Seville typically begin late and our booking at maquiavelo was for 9.30pm. We were escorted to our table in the club space, beneath a leafy canopy in the open air restaurant. 

With comfy seating and as we looked around, we counted so many bars that you wouldn't ever have to travel far for your next drink.

A pool designed like a river runs through this spacious jungle restaurant. Completing the jungle theme and the weather was perfect. Warm breezes blowing throughout the night. Never a need for a jacket. 

Our evening began with some refreshing cocktails from the menu. I chose Amazonia. Featuring Bombay Dry, passion fruit, rose syrup, lime, blueberry, apple and mint. 

Soon into our dinner date, live music from a singer accompanied by pianist pursued. She sang popular hits and walked around serenading guests. While the pianist played the melody. 

The quality of the lighting and sound system are not to be overlooked here either. With acrobatic and dance performances following the live singer and pianist. 

To start, we shared a dish from the grilled vegetables section. Breasted shitakes With Parmesan Cream Sauce in a special perforated pan for embers. It was a flavoursome. Meaty dish. 

Complimentary bread was provided for our table and we followed our starter with charcoal coqulet chicken from the grilled turf. 

Roast chicken with the most delicious teriyaki amontillado sauce I've ever tasted. Mashed potatoes and chili. Grilled Asparagus with marscapone completed dinner. Then it was time for dessert. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the mandragora dessert. A delicious pavlova, dulce de leche and Lotuss. Artistically presented in a wooden box designed to replicate the book itself. 

Live DJ'S took to the stage after all of the performances. Playing an impressive mix of genres. To include party mashups of classics, as well as latin hits. 

There were surprises throughout the night. With complimentary sweet, alcoholic shots handed to all tables. Fireworks near the stage as well as hand held sparklers given to all dinner guests to begin a night of partying after dinner. 

About Maquiavelo 

Having stepped ashore at Muelle de las Delicias more than 500 years ago, Niccolò Machiavelli took an instant liking to Seville.

To commemorate the renowned Italian author's admiration for the city, Maquiavelo was created - a one-of-a-kind spot found nowhere else in Seville.

Discover an exclusive restaurant with more than 1,000 plants and 90 species, plus a garden terrace. Enjoy the pleasurable transformation into an entertaining jungle of sensations that you'll never want to leave.
Let yourself be taken away on an unforgettable journey where you can savour premium cuisine and experience something magically elegant.

No doubt you'll be eager to come back again and again. Every single evening spent in the home of the author of The Mandrake and The Prince will be unique.

Your experience begins with a greeting from the remarkable Mandrake; an anthropomorphic tree with unique abilities.
The marvelous design, attributed to the gifted José Piñero, is reflective of his international renown and adds a tasteful dash of avant-garde to our space.

Things to do in Seville
Mandragora dessert

At Maquiavelo, guests are the stars of the show from the very beginning. From the decor to the haute cuisine and culminating in a unique blend of art and entertainment, we craft an experience like no other.
There are eight separate spaces in Maquiavelo with four of these spaces available to book. The club, garden and bonsai music spaces.

The cocktail bar space has a stunning seating space for guests who come just for drinks and dancing. In the club area diners can watch the kitchen team prepare their food from an open-plan kitchen.

For an extra cost guests can book bonsai to be seated at the tables in the Pool Stage area and receive a welcome cocktail. Plus unspoilt views and interaction of the show and lights display.

Bonsai is the maximum area of fun at Maquiavelo. On Thursday, Friday and Saturdays the furniture in the bonsai space will be removed at the end of the dinners.
For the most intimate setting, choose to dine in the El Principe garden. 

As with El Principe. Dining in the mandragora garden gives a intimate setting with the addition of stunning lake views.Pool stage seating gives guests an elevated 360 degree view across Maquiavelo. The chill space is another bar with a relaxed setting and the eighth area in Maquiavelo is El secreto. An exclusive, private terrace with possibly the best view of Maquiavelo.

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