Lilly's Cafe Review

Lilly's Cafe Review

Lilly's Cafe is an aesthetically pleasing cafe in Covent Garden, but it is slightly underwhelming in person. Perhaps because it's smaller in size. With a Sun roof in the center of the pastel pink cafe and faux green plants lining the edges. 

Lilly's Cafe Covent Garden
My experience was not helped by the fact that staff were visibly uninterested. Made worse by our expensive final bill - considering the lack of service and what was ordered. 

When I ordered the brioche with cheddar and cherry tomatoes I envisioned a thick French toast style bread with fragrant. Melting cheese and some small, juicy tomatoes. 

Covent Garden Shops
What I got instead looked like a lazy packed lunch for a kid in primary school. Dry burger buns with bland cheddar cheese and some tomato slices. It's a dish that frankly should be scrapped from the menu. 

The plate looked lonely. Some salad or an artistic drizzle of condiments perhaps. Make me feel like I wouldn't just easily throw this together in a lazy lunch break at home. 

All other dishes coming out the kitchen looked much more impressive. So avoid cheddar and tomato brioche at all costs. 
I also tried some of the chicken and flatbread. 

Aesthetic cafe
Which was tasty but ruined by some balled up foil I spotted among it. This could have been a health hazard, so always be careful what you eat and where you eat guys! 

I would go back but only as a co-working space and only for a drink and maybe a slice of cake! 

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