Why you need to go on a romantic trip to Seville

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Why you need go on a romantic trip to Seville

Seville also known as Sevilla is up there as one of the most romantic vacations I've ever been on in over 10 years of travelling!

Things to do in Seville

Whether single or in love. You can allow yourself to be swept off your feet in Seville. Visit as a solo traveller. Couple or even with friends and family. 

Whilst Seville is family friendly, I recommend enjoying your romantic getaway in Seville without younger children - if possible. Even if that means you can only steal two nights away like we did for our trip. Our two night stay was equivalent of three full days in Seville and it was so worth it! 

We travelled to Seville at the height of summer, but read on to see why Sevilla is an all season. Year long romantic destination. 

Romantic Accommodation 

The first romantic thing we encountered during our stay in Seville was the hotel that I had booked us into. 

Seville hotel

If you choose the Zenit hotel Sevilla, you'll arrive at a peaceful courtyard. Tucked away from the convenient shops on the main road. 

With its flowing water features. Flowers trailing across a sun-kissed wall and balinese style furnishings. Combined with Mediterranean and middle eastern touches. The terrace at Zenit Sevilla is a gorgeous place to sit out front. 

Sevilla hotel

Automatic doors open to a spacious reception area. With the hotels restaurant to the right. In the restaurant is a pretty cherry blossom tree and floor to ceiling glass windows that face out onto the terrace. 

Our room was quite basic, but perfectly clean and spacious enough. With a very comfy bed. 

On the roof of this hotel is a beautiful pool area. Lovingly maintained by a friendly pool attendant. The pool manager would fairly distribute the high end sun loungers and romantic balinese beds. 

He would help guests open and close parasols whenever needed and keep the space immaculately clean. 

With clean towels. A quality sound system and rooftop bar. My favourite thing about Zenit hotel is the top floor pool and rooftop bar. 

It's all so spacious. Kept clean by the pool attendant who sanitises each lounger and bed between uses. A maximum of twelve guests can be in the pool at any given time and pretty floral bushes are perfectly positioned between sun loungers. 

I could easily have spent my whole holiday up there, but with so much to do and so little time. There was more fun and relaxation to be had in Seville. 

Travelling off season? At the Zenit hotel you can book relaxing treatments like hot stone massages during cooler months. 

Romantic Transportation 


The part of town we stayed in was another bonus. Staying in Triana meant nowhere was too far to get to. Walking is on gentle terrain. Involves taking in beautiful sights of traditional streets in a city that's not overpopulated. 

Best places to visit in Spain
The Puente de Isabel II bridge was a romantic sight only minutes from our hotel. Horse and carriage rides could be seen transporting guests throughout our stay. 

Horse and carriage 

Horse drawn carriage rides are truly a romantic way to travel. With carriages taking people across the Puente de Isabel II, also known as Triana bridge. 

Horse and cart rides also took people to Maquiavelo. The lively restaurant where we enjoyed our first evening in Seville. Horse and carriage rides will also take you around the Maria Luisa Park. 

Romantic Dining


For a romantic dinner that will get pulses racing. Maquiavelo is the perfect spot. With surprises along the way. 

Live performances. Crowd interaction and such attention to detail with the menu and stunning surroundings. Maquiavelo feels like a luxury jungle escape. 

Manolo Leon's House 

Seville is also home to what you will definitely agree is one of the most romantic restaurants in the world! Manolo Leon's House.
What to do in Seville
Rated most romantic restaurant of Sevilla on Google maps. I couldn't agree more. We arrived for our booking at Manolo Leon's House at the perfect moment. As we had the courtyard restaurant all to ourselves for a while. 

This restaurant transports you to another world! Real birdsong pursues from miniature birds nestled high above a stunning courtyard. With vines. Trees and other lush green foliage cocooning guests as they dine at this fine dining restaurant.

With a lengthy wine list and interesting food menu. It is a place that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. 

Romantic Activities


All of our excursions in Seville exceeded our expectations. Maquiavelo was our first excursion, where there was never a dull moment. 

Not only do guests drink and dine in style. They take in surprise performances. Are encouraged to interact and then party into the night, with live DJ'S and lots of bars to hand. 

Plaza del Cabildo 

The walk from the hotel to plaza del cabildo was our first chance to experience a walk across the romantic Triana Bridge, where kayakers. Paddleboarders and boaters could be seen gliding across the peaceful quadalquifir river.

Seville city break

Arriving at plaza del Cabildo we enjoyed each others company in this quiet corner of Seville. Browsed the small shops and took some stunning pictures.

With its impressive architecture and a small water fountain beneath the morning sun. Plaza del Cabildo also has a romantic restaurant within its arches.


Nothing beats lounging in the sun with your loved ones. a refreshing drink at a rooftop bar on a hot summers day. 


Kivir Skyline is the perfect rooftop vista for such an activity. With views over the Guadalquivir river. Some of the best looking and tasting cocktails in Seville. Plus complimentary snacks and unlimited water. 

Naked and Famous 

A playful bar with lively music that we visited one night in Seville is called Naked and Famous. This award winning bar is the perfect date destination. 

With a playful barbie pink room besides a contrasting smaller room in the darkest shade of blue. It felt like a naughty fetish dungeon! Drinks are interestingly quirky. 


Picture the most perfect u shaped lake. Complete with under bridge arches. Colourful fish and fresh pink petals landing on the lake. 

The backdrop at Plaza de EspaƱa is something out of a fairytale. While we drifted down the lake we were even treated to live music from serenading singers with instruments. 

Out on the Plaza is a waterfountain with horse drawn carriages gently trotting by. You'll definitely want to do the full hour. Unless like us you get too hot! 30 minutes went by so fast!

Sunset at Setas

The only excursion on my list that I didn't manage to do was a sunset walk high up on the unique architecture that is Setas. As night falls you'll also get to take in a unique, multi sensory light show. 


During April, The Seville Fair also known as Feria de Abril takes place. A colourful festival where men and women dress to impress. 

Women in beautiful Flamenco dresses inspired by the gypsies of Andalusia. Expect live music and dancing. Fireworks and fairground rides. 

I hope you were inspired to consider lesser known romantic destination Seville after reading this article. 

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