Review of Sexy Fish London's most popular restaurant

Sexy Fish Bar and Restaurant Review

Imagine going to a Asian restaurant which is all about seafood. Only to order all the vegetarian options. 

Well that's exactly what I did.

Sexy fish is an Asian fusion restaurant.  
Designed by Martin Brudnizki. For Caprice holdings. 

Initially when sexy fish first opened their doors at Berkeley Square in 2015. There wasn't much in the way of vegetarian or vegan menu choices. 

Thankfully. That's all changed.

I must declare. That Sexy fish has to be the liveliest and one of the best restaurants I've ever been to!

It's no wonder sexy fish is currently ranked amongst the most popular of all high end restaurants in London. 
The bar at sexy fish
That's no easy accomplishment. But when a restaurant is designed so well. 
That you feel like you're in a museum. Or art gallery. You begin to see why. 

The unique artistry of Frank Gehry. Michael Roberts and Damien Hirst has brought the restaurant alive.

Visitors to the restaurant can marvel at a 13ft crocodile against a wall in the main dining room.

With every seat in the house full at all times during our stay. 

Leading up to our date night at sexy fish. There were limited slots available. Even when we tried to Pre-book. 

So make sure you book in advance. Don't just expect a walk in table. 

We arrived at sexy fish on a Monday at 8.30pm. To a full house. With a booming sound system, playing upbeat tracks. Selected by a female dj. 

I noticed later into the night. There were two dining tables. Uniquely positioned close on either side of the dj. On a podium style platform. 

As we descended further into the night. Anybody under the age of 18 was no longer permitted entry. 

The music grew even louder. With the addition of colourful lights dancing across the room. 

Plus strobe lighting that could rival that of your favourite nightclub. The environment was fun. 
Son of Gibraltar and Neonach cocktails

The cocktail menu at sexy fish is a 20 cocktail strong. Well thought through book. That reads like a magazine. 

It showcases each unique cocktail available. From bar to table at sexy fish.

As much as the cocktail book itself was thoroughly descriptive. Sometimes the words and amount of options can be overwhelming. 

Which is where the friendly waiters in smart. Velvet. Sexy fish blazers are more than willing to help. 

I asked one waiter his favourite cocktail from the list. To which he instantly pointed to two. For their sweet and sour appeal.

Thankfully he seemed to have the same palette as me. When it comes to cocktails. 

Had I not asked a waiter for his opinion. I would have made the mistake of ordering the curry me home cocktail. 

Which is labelled as smokey and velvety in the menu. The waiter made a face at it and said it tastes like a cold curry. Which is a little too unique for my taste buds I think! 
Sexy Fish restaurant
My favourite dish at sexy fish

Though I do like to be challenged by my cocktails and try something different when I go out. So who knows. 

Maybe I'll give it a try on a future visit to sexy fish.

I ordered the son of Gibraltar cocktail upon the waiters suggestion. Son of Gibraltar is a tangy. Sweet but noticeably strong tasting cocktail that I enjoyed. 

With three different syrups on the outside of the glass. Providing a different taste experience. Depending on which side you drink from. 

We also couldn't resist trying the neonach.
Mostly for the aesthetic appeal. 

Neonach is the most underwater looking and sounding cocktail on the menu. And the most aquatic cocktail you'll probably ever taste. Or see anywhere in the world! 

I hope you're enjoying my honest. In depth review of sexy fish. 

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The monolith cocktail at sexy fish looks quite inventive too. Resembling an oyster. 

I recommend to arrive a little earlier than 8.30pm if you wish to try the monolith. As it was sold out during our late evening time slot. 

Along with one or two a la carte food menu options. 

The neonach cocktail is presented in a glass tumbler. Surrounded by a stunning display of fiery red coral. 

The drink itself has a mildly sweet. Mildly fishy taste. Thanks to actual salmon off cuts included in the drink. 

It's a drink that works quite well. Marrying perfectly with the extensive seafood options available at sexy fish.
Sexy Fish menu
Sexy Fish cinnamon doughnuts

Cocktails at sexy fish are strong enough for you to be content with just one, and definitely no more than two!

The kitchen is semi open plan. Further along the same platform. Where a dj can be seen occupying the other end. 

It adds to the energy of the restaurant. 

Arriving at our table for the night. We were given some complimentary. Salted edamme and water. 

Our personal server introduced himself and took pride in explaining the concept behind the a la carte menu. 

At sexy fish. All dishes are designed to be shared.

Our table was ours for two hours. Which is a really nice amount of time. Most other restaurants usually only give between 1 hour 30 and 1 hour 45 minutes to guests of up to two. 

The time does fly by when you're enjoying the restaurant and your company. So two hours is a recommended time slot. 

It gives guests enough time to sift through each menu at a relaxed pace. Plus digest, before moving on to the next food or drink item. 

We ordered the vegetarian sushi and maki selection. Which included 5 different pieces each. 

A total of 10 for sharing. All of the vegetable sushi and maki dishes were delicious. 

It's really clever how they prepare the red pepper and rice maki. To resemble salmon maki. 

The platter consisted of the perfect balance of crispy. Crunchy. Soft and smooth textures.

With ingredients such as sweet potato. Mushroom and of course nori. 
Sexyfish Mayfair
Bathroom mirror selfie time! 

We also enjoyed the Sweet corn fried rice and dry miso. So much so that this dish takes the number one spot. I had not expected to enjoy it so much. 

The eryngii mushroom tempura. Truffle and aka miso was a delicious. Close runner up. 

The only complaint of my time at sexy fish. Was the quality of their vegetable tempura.

The seasonal vegetable tempura. Is a dish I usually love. Here at sexy fish it was horrible! 

Claiming to include 9 kinds of vegetables. Yet I was barely aware of two. This tempura tasted like plain batter. 

Ridiculously thin. Unnoticeable slices of vegetables were used. Mostly potato. Fried into the oily batter. 

Any good vegetable tempura. Includes a variety of fresh. Chunky vegetables. Such as asparagus. Carrots and mushrooms. 

I could have done without dessert too. As it wasn't up there with my favourite dishes of the night. 

Warm. Soft. Sugary doughnuts are served with a smooth. Molten chocolate dip. Plus a tangy. Creamy lemon curd. It was nice. Just not amazing. 

In terms of the bar. Sexy fish is a place I highly recommend. 

Just for a visit to the bar alone. With an amazing sound system and live dj. Plus excellent service from most of the staff. 

The stunning bar area houses giant. Overhead hanging fish installations by Frank Gehry. To a backdrop of constant flowing window waterfalls. 

I'm amazed to find out that sexy fish houses the world's largest Japanese whisky collection. 

The lighting effect that happens into the night is the finishing touch. Somehow pulling me further into the idea of being under the sea. 

It reminds me of light dancing on the waters surface. Plus the light show and activity taking place in the depths of the ocean.

Even the ceiling at sexy fish is patterned with coral and the large. Black crocodile sculpture on a wall. Adjacent windows in the upstairs dining room is unmissable. 

Downstairs lies the coral reef room. A private dining space. Featuring two of the largest live coral reef tanks in the world! 

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