Holiday Hell! Mykonos The Worst Moments

You may be wondering why I'm talking about all the bad experiences of my holiday to Mykonos? Well. I don't want to be fake and paint an unrealistic picture of my life and travel experiences. As much as I prefer to only highlight the positives so that you can be inspired and entertained. I also want to inform you that travel is not always sunshine and flowers.

Mykonos Review Holiday Hell

My holiday to Mykonos had the most ups and downs of any holiday I've been on so far. There's always an element of pressure we put on ourselves to enjoy our vacation as much as possible that it kind of works in the opposite and can cause us to be extra sensitive to any mishaps. Or downright ungrateful for all the wonderful things we're getting to experience.

Without further ado. Here are the worst moments of my Mykonos holiday.

That time of the month

It has to be mentioned. No woman enjoys the idea of booking a holiday only for the dreaded time of the month to appear. As if on cue. It was annoying, but thankfully it didn't completely ruin my holiday.

No hot water

There was no hot water on our first night in the first of three properties we were booked to stay in. Wouldn't have minded as much if this was intended to be a backpacker or eco village holiday instead of a luxury holiday. Debating over the phone with the owner didn't help either. It was totally rude and unprofessional of her.

Rooms not like the pictures.

In two of the three properties we were booked to stay in. There was some false advertising going on and with so many options of places to stay in Mykonos, it was really frustrating that we had spent our money where we did.

Asthma attack

On my last night in our first property. I had a horrible coughing fit due to the poor ventilation and visible mold on the walls. If there's one thing I've learned for the future. Find out the age of the property. Don't stay in a pets welcome hotel or villa. Try to book a place that doesn't allow smokers. Literally smoke free hotel. Not the usual smoke free rooms, as smoke stays in a persons hair and clothes etc polluting the apartment.

It contained peanuts

Not only do I have the odd bout of asthma. Yes I also have allergies and I ate a hazlenut chocolate biscuit which turned out to also include peanuts. Another lesson learned. Always read the small print in foreign countries.


For the full story click the following link to read about my time in a luxury hotel :

Paying for a broken hot tub and filthy apartment

Aaah the worst was saved for last. Not only had we paid for a hot tub suite with a private hot tub that didn't work. The lovely owners were rude to us and tried to gaslight us. Denying that the jacuzzi was broken. Claiming that Jacuzzi's don't get hot and then right under our nose they had technicians try to fix the "hot tub" over the two days we were there. The walls in our apartment had visible mold. Even the pillows had MOLD! Mold on pillows!!

Word for the wise. When travelling to Mykonos DO NOT STAY AT Sea Rock & Sky residence!

I didn't mention all of this to put you off of travelling. Although I think I'm almost put off of travelling myself if I'm honest! I mention this all so you don't feel down thinking that I. Or any other person who's life you admire has the most perfect existence. Perfection doesn't exist. Things will go wrong when it comes to travel. Even when you try to plan out every last detail.

It's best to expect mishaps so as not to be too devastated if mishaps take place. The most you can do is try to have some kind of backup plans for every possible scenario.

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Leave a comment with your worst holiday moments, or any tips you have for things that go wrong.

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